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March 31, 2006 at 12:22 pm | Posted in brian, fespn | Leave a comment

everytime i browse sports magazines, i find myself throwing-up a little in my mouth. sports illustrated, espn the magazine, and the rest are insulting to (non)sports fans. they always look slick with “hip” graphics and photos of athletes looking ever so pensive. they’re always lance armstrong this and peyton manning that. who cares!?! and they’re so full off (shitty) advertisements, i don’t see how anyone can read through them.

with that in mind, we’re starting our own sports blog. your (and my) days of vomitting with disgust while reading sports zines will be over.

(actually the original idea was to start a sports-zine, but this seems easier because i’m lazy and i don’t know how to photocopy and i get anxiety when i think about passing out the zine in front of jazz games. this blog has a couple draw backs–no mixed mediums, no annotating each others stories, no handmade drawings [unless we find a way to scan those, aaron]–but i figure we can make up for that by the shear number of stories we post. that and this blog will be a little more up to date [except for the super bowl story i already posted].)

it’s hard to give a brief overview of what this blog will be like with only two (sub-par) posts. but as i look into my crystal-ball, this blog is going to be great. dare i say, this blog is the new awesome.

here’s a couple of themes we hope to explore throughout our posts: espn is ruining sports, we always side with the players unions, drug suspensions are a joke when player are routinely abuse their wives/girlfriends, sports hair-cuts matter, and other themes will articulate at a future date.

no one thought we could do this, but we (are) prov(ing)ed them wrong.


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  1. after some discussion, a few rounds of super-secret voting and a serious game of rock paper scissors, it has been decided that this blog is indeed, the new awesome!

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