sports-typed things happen nearly everyday

April 5, 2006 at 4:40 pm | Posted in brian, fespn | Leave a comment

early on when aaron and i were brainstorming our ideas for our sports-zine, we realized that there was no way our zine could stay current. thanks to espn (specifically espnews) the sports-news-cycle only lasts about 12 hours. it would have taken me 12 hours just to locate a photo-copier. upon further review, the 12 hour cycle seems a bit long. in fact, i don’t even know how to calculate an average sports story cycle since espn usually only likes to build towards events rather than cover events. so the only way our zine could have stayed somewhat current would have been to either write about timeless sports subjects (in other words, we would make lists of our favorite sports-typed things–team names, team color schemes and haircuts) or write about sports-typed things that will have lasting power (like steriods [i hope somebody got that joke]). with this blog, we can now post stories sports-typed things that actually seem current. this way we can actually take on espn and dan patrick and jim rome and all the shitty local sports talk-shows. (to be fair, the local shows are no more shittier than their national counter-parts; they are, however, derivative of them.)

but now we at this guy knows what i’m talking about have to ask ourselves, do we really want to?


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