Baseball Cards Are Worth More Than You Think

April 7, 2006 at 4:15 pm | Posted in baseball, fight | 4 Comments

I decided to do some investigative reporting on baseball cards. Why do I get the feeling baseball cards are the only reason baseball became a National treasure. EBay, April 6, 2006. I searched ‘baseball card’ I changed the price to list the highest amount first and on top with 31 bids “1914 Cracker Jack CHRISTY MATHEWSON #88” at Thirty-One Thousand Dollars. I, as a young lad, was a brainwashed child with high hopes of hitting the big money with a rare find baseball card. I wasted hundreds of my hard earned paper route money to buy one pack after another for what? I was born in 1979 and started collecting cards when I was 9, making it 1988, the highest bid on EBay ‘baseball card 1988’ is $51, with One bid. So you can see my disappointment since all my cards can’t be worth $51 a piece. Baseball ripped me off. I strongly believe that baseball cards sold that sport. Think about it, back before they televised games people were buying/trading/selling cards. You could even go as far to say that George Lucas is not a genius, he just stole his merchandising ideas for Star Wars from baseball. Baseball is only popular because of merchandising. Baseball is stupid. Baseball is dumb. Baseball is not fun.


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  1. are you sure about the “not fun” part? what about whiffle ball.

    coincidentally, my star wars cards are worth as little as my baseball cards. brian says it’s because all my baseball cards are the kmart ones. i think it’s because those kmart cards aren’t old enough yet.

  2. Great site. We should make a hard copy zine. I’ll help somehow. Let’s hit ESPN hard. Let’s take ’em out. Over. (Good piece, Gav. What an unlikely bunch of sportswriters.)
    Dust G.

  3. I just used baseball cards to memorize stats, and hence, I am a mathematical genius

  4. I’m soo very down to help with the zine.

    see if you can persuade craig kilborn to contribute as well.

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