what team(s) should i root for: episode i

April 11, 2006 at 12:51 pm | Posted in brian, misc | 2 Comments

this is the first post, in a series of posts, that will explore the methods used by a sports fan for establishing what team(s) she roots for and which team(s) she roots against. in doing so, i am hoping that the this guy knows what i’m talking about family (which includes, but is not limited to the writers and readers of this blog) will be self-aware and self-critical of the reasons they choose to root for the teams that they do. in this first installment, i will be looking at the most obvious reasons a sports fan would use for picking her favorite team(s).

most sports fans root for teams near them. this makes sense for a number of reasons: pride in one’s city, developing a common language among neighbors and co-workers, access to infomation about the teams (both in temrs of media coverage as well as having the option of physically attending games) and family tradition, to name a few. this seems an appropriate reason for rooting for a specific team. there are, however, a couple of possible problems with rooting for the home team. when tied up in the minute issues of the home team, you may miss exciting players and/or trends in other cities. also, with most of your neighbors and co-workers rooting for the same team, it’s easy to slip into a group think mentality that may impact your ability to view the home team, as well as other teams, objectively.

aaron’s piece gives some guidelines for choosing favorite players. once you’ve chosen your favorite players, it’s only natural to cheer for the teams those players play for. this way of choosing your favorite teams seems pretty solid. actually, it’s only as solid as your reasons for liking the players that you like.

many sports fans choose teams to like when they’re young and then just stick with it. for instance, the first football game i ever remember watching was the super bowl where chicago beat new england. after that, my favorite football team was the bears. today, i still find myself rooting for the bears for no other reason than because i liked them as a kid. well, that and because their color scheme is pretty cool. but since i’ve been able to identify my nostalgia as the source of my like, i’ve been able to reevaluate the bears. now i like them because of their color scheme.

many sports fans use their sports teams as supplements to their fragile egos. in these cases, they tend to choose teams who do reasonably well year after year so they can identify with their teams winning ways. i used to live with a kid like this. his favorite team was the 49ers back when the 49ers were good. each week he’d talk about how awesome he was because the team he rooted for, the 49ers, continued to win, while the bears, my favorite team at the time, contiued to lose. this was proof that he was a better human being than i was. and while he was probably correct about being a better human being, it wasn’t because he liked the 49ers.



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  1. I must say that I cannot stand the bandwagon fan. I have been a fan of any Michigan sports team since birth. (For reasons of proximity and brainwashing by my dad). I hate to see all of the bandwagon pistons fans now, just because they started winning in the late 90’s. I do not have any sort of problem with people liking certain players, but liking a team because they win is lame. P.S. I am a big tigers and lions fan as well, just wait till they win the world series and superbowl respectively

  2. i think i mostly tend to root for teams with my favorite players.

    my favorite basketball team is the clippers. that started when they traded radmanovic.

    my favorite baseball team is whatever team eckstein is on. unless he’s retired. and then i’ll go with the angels because he was on their team when i saw him in real life.

    my favorite football team is any team is the texans. until they get reggie bush, then i’ll have to pick a new team. how isn’t phillip buchanon the sweetest player ever?

    my favorite hockey team is any team that is playing against the kings because gretzky is anti-players union.

    my favorite bike team is not the u.s. because armstrong is stupid and ugly and a jerk. i have one of those armstrong bracelets. it’s about the dangers of street racing. it reads: word on the street…racing kills. i like that his stupid wristbands ended up just being jokes. it works because he’s a joke and i hate him.

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