world cup withdrawals

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dog with a parachutefor the first time in weeks i was unable to watch world cup when i woke up this morning. i had set my alarm and everything, but when i turned on the spanish channel (the announcers are so much more exciting than boring american announcers — besides, does anyone else think that dan (or dave, i forget) o’brien sounds like bob costas? and who says bob costas gets to cover every sporting event anyways? i think that this o’brien character is actually one of bob costas on-air personalities) there was a variety show on instead of football. i don’t dislike variety shows (and telemundo ones are the best of the best), but i was pretty sad to learn that there are no games until friday. in the short amount of time since the world cup started, i have become addicted to it. i didn’t realize how excited i was getting about it until this morning. and then i started wondering what my life will be like after it’s all over. no more world cup for 4 years. i can watch other football, but i don’t have cable, so that’s a little harder than i’d like it to be. as in, i would have to drive for 5 minutes to get to brian’s house. maybe i’ll take up parachuting.

serpent’s sport

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intrigued?? I bet you are. i am willing to guess that you are all wondering what sport would be a serpent’s sport. I’ll answer that very question here:

yes my friends, it’s true. It’s recently been brought to my attention that golfing has very serpent-like qualities. according to Craig Stadler the game of golf can be easily morphed from a simple game to a predatory hunt. golfers are actually hunters hunting their way to the kill (ball dropping in the hole). i know, i know… there are many other lifeforms that are predatory in nature, but stay with me. I was also informed that when a golfer is preparing to swing h(er)is club to hit the golf ball they are actually coiling back and the downswing is the strike. clearly, in this “game” a hunter lays in anticipation of it’s kill by coiling up and when seeing it’s target, it strikes. what other species than snakes do that? you’d be hard pressed to find one. it’s obvious that the “game” of golf is actually a passtime that came to be when pagan beliefs were introduced to christianity. generally speaking people either love or hate golf, which is only explained by it’s history. pagans loved the serpent and held it in very high regards, while christianity imagines the serpent to be the symbol of evil. The fusion of these two beliefs into this one “game” only leaves the two options, love it or hate it.

don’t believe me about golfing actually being hunting? when you think of great golfers, who comes to mind? I bet you are thinking of Mr. Woods.
It’s only to be expected that he would be a phenominal golfer with a name like Tiger. Tigers are great hunters, so Tiger is a great golfer. It’s just his nature.

of course the recent trajedy that Tiger has experienced (the trajedy being that he has to drive an ugly buick lucerne for his tournament vehicle) has really hurt his hunt. But he still has his serpentlike desire to make the kill. i’m sure he will come out on top, eventually.

Anyways, i think that golf is one of the better sports, even though it has been somewhat raped by the mainstream sports media. some golfers wear rad clothes, some golfers have rockin hear-dos, and you get to act like a snake, how much better can it get? by the way, i’m pretty sure that golf is one more thing on the list of “things Lance Armstrong sucks at”.


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with all of the recent hype about futebol (or soccer if you must) i must admit that my blood does boil at the under appreciation for the sport that requires so much more skill and determination, which in comparison makes “soccer” look like a kiddy game. don’t get me wrong… some soccer players can pull off some sweet moves, but it really pales when compared to the average footbag master.

let’s look at the facts, shall we? when was the last time you heard about someone being unable to compete in the great sport of footbag because of possible drug/steroid use? i’m not aware of a single time. In fact I think that the truly great footbaggers wouldn’t deny using an occasional control substance.

as you can see from the few pictures that I added here, footbaggers have rad hair and “uniforms” (I use the “‘s because footbaggers generally scoff in the collective face of organized sports’ tendancy to have lame outfits [as has been mentioned earlier on this guy knows what i’m talking about])

if you feel as i do, that footbagging has been the forgotten step child when it comes to the sporting world then you can catch up on all things footbag here:

p.s. i’m glad to be a part of such a totally awesome blog, this is ash catchem a.k.a. pillow talk a.k.a. dave (just FYI)

face painting is the new awesome

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every time i get a new favorite team or player, they get eliminated. for example: drogba, sweden, togo. the ecuador-england game was no exception. ecuador’s uniforms looked great, but for once that wasn’t the reason i liked them so much. i fell in love with ecuador because of christian mora, their goalie. he painted ecuadorian flags on his cheeks. they looked sweet. and i’m not just saying that because i always get my face painted like darth maul at every festival and theme park that i go to. i’m saying it because he looked great. don’t believe me? take a sweet look.

supporting your team through the food you eat

June 22, 2006 at 12:49 pm | Posted in becky, football (soccer) | 1 Comment

i will admit, I have missed a lot of the world cup games. but i did watch yesterday’s match between ghana and the u.s., and this is what I snacked on during the game:

diet coke

partway through the game i noticed that my snacks had a theme to them–they all matched ghana’s color scheme. take a look:

now, this isn’t that strange because i’m always drinking diet coke, and redvines are my favorite.

what’s weird is that after i’d noticed that all of my snacks looked ghanaian, i looked over to see what my roommate was eating and I saw THIS!!:

–does this mean that my snacks were causing ghana to win? i doub it (i considered this possibility for a minute. since ghana was clearly faster than the u.s. in this game, i thought about drinking some extra diet coke to help the u.s. pick up some speed. but i doubt even a redline [or crack] would have helped, so, i ruled this one out).

–was it a sign from god? possibly.

–what it definitely was, however, was me immediately switching my allegiances and cheering for ghana to win.

if this is treason and punishable by death, i’ll be sure to have redvines, diet coke, and pringles as my last meal.

ten times ten

June 21, 2006 at 10:44 pm | Posted in aaron d.w., football (soccer) | 1 Comment

10 reasons to stop watching the world cup

ivory coast played their last game this afternoon. they have some of the best uniforms in the cup (made by puma) and the coolest player in the world. his name is didier drogba and he not only looks great but plays great.

togo won’t be playing anymore games and they won’t get paid for qualifying for the world cup. i’m sad about both of those — way sadder than their coach that quit. and how about those celebrations?

iran almost got excluded from the world cup and now they’re on the way out. sorry iran, i was rooting for you.

the united states coach is an (ugly?) idiot. he benched beasley at the beginning of the last game because beasley disagreed with his assessment of the team’s dedication. brian already mentioned that in the first game he should have started josh teenwolf(f) — a mistake which he repeated in the game against italy. then after the referee handed out 3 red cards in one game, making 9 players do what 11 usually do, the u.s. coach didn’t even use his last substitution. he could’ve subbed wolff or eddie johnson and they would’ve brought some energy to a tired team. why didn’t you use your last substitution coach whatever-your-name-is?!?

10 reasons to keep watching the world cup

sweden. they’re sweet: they play as a team; they hustle; they wear great uniforms; they give maternity leave to both the mother and the father without a decrease in salary; they’re advancing to the next round. i hope sweden wins the whole thing. or ghana. but don’t tell anyone that i’m secretly hoping ghana beats the u.s. tomorrow. if ghana loses, then sweden is the only team left for me to watch. well, maybe mexico, since ghana is the african version of the mexico team.

super saturday (sorry, you already missed it)

June 20, 2006 at 11:30 am | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | Leave a comment

before saturday, i was telling everybody i talked to about how great this year’s world cup has been–my friends and family, co-workers, people i sat by on the bus, blind-dates and tele-marketers. i continue to tell everybody (see previous sentence) about how great this year’s world cup but now i only need to point to one day (if it’s even possible to point to a day) as proof. that day was saturday.

since i stayed up late friday night watching fistfull of dynamite (loved it!), so i slept through saturday’s first game. luckily i didn’t also watch once upon a time in the west or i would have slept through the ghana/czech republic. this guy might have the best haircut at the world cup:

and this guy’s the best fan at the world cup:

and the game was amazing. ghana was everywhere. if it wasn’t for peter cech, ghana would have scored five goals. plus their uniforms were great.

the usa game, on the other hand, was a big disappointment. the game itself was crazy: multiple red cards, blood all over the field, bad anouncers. while everyone wants to blame the refs for the loss, i think it falls entirely on the usa coach. why doesn’t bruce arena sub? pope spends the entire first half getting beat, giving up a goal and getting a yellow card. instead of sitting him at the half, arena leaves him in to get a second yellow card. late in the second half, when both teams are dying from fatigue, arena still had one sub and had both eddie johnson and teenwolf(f) on the bench. so what does he do? nothing. just settles for the tie. no wonder the us isn’t going to get out of the first round.

how fifa deals with racism

June 14, 2006 at 9:13 am | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | 1 Comment

did you notice the pitch before yesterday’s world cup matches? due to a growing number of racist instances at european football matches, fifa decided to unveil there say no to racism campaign. i think it’s going to help.

(i tried to find a picture of the field but couldn’t. instead i made my own picture.)

how can you win without teenwolf(f)?

June 13, 2006 at 9:30 am | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | 2 Comments

the 237 football fans in the united states are all crying their eyes out after yesterday’s embarrassing loss to the czech republic. it was probably the worst performance so far in this year’s world cup. but while many fans are crying, i’m just mad (which makes me cry sometimes, but it’s different). the reason the usa lost wasn’t because they thought their number five ranking in the world entitles them to more respect (read: overconfident) or because they played without any urgency or energy. no, they lost because they didn’t use their best weapon: josh wolff.

josh wolff may be the world’s most dangerous football player. i saw him once last year at a real salt lake game (he plays for kansas city) and he dominated the game. he has this ability to just turn on a switch and up his game; one minute he’s a normal football player, the next moment he’s a monster weaving through defense and scoring (or assisting) goals.

at first i didn’t understand this incredible power. then, a couple months ago, i was flipping through the television stations on a saturday afternoon and came across the answer. one of the channels was playing a movie featuring a young micheal j fox (before he died). the movie: teenwolf. in teenwolf, micheal fox’s character turned from a sub-par basketball player to an allstar whenever he changed into a werewolf. similarly josh wolff switches from an average player into an allstar almost at will. and his last name is wolff. obviously teenwolf is a movie based on josh wolff but the producers switched the sport to basketball and added a physical change (human to werewolf) since they thought a story about a football player wouldn’t sell well in the usa.

watch for josh wolff in the next game. and when you see him suddenly up his game, just know that he’s teenwolf(f)in’.

nike v adidas

June 11, 2006 at 3:04 pm | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | 1 Comment

one of the major subtexts at this years world cup is the battle for football supremecy. how is this a subtext? because i’m not talking about about national teams but what company makes the jerseys and supplies the shoes for each national team.

in the last ten years nike has made a real push to dethrone adidas as the premier football company, but their impact hasn’t really been noticable until this year’s world cup. not only are they sponsoring a large number of teams (brazil, usa, mexico and portugal to name just a few), they are actually trying to win over football fans by making very un-nike commercials. many of the commercials feature only brazillian football players, little or no english and, the most un-nike thing of all, the tagline “joga bonita.” joga bonita loosely translates as play beautiful. just imagine, a nike commercial that celebrates the aesthetics of a sporting event rather than pure domination; a nike commercial thats focus is to do it beautifully rather than just do it. too bad most of the nike made uniforms at the world cup look terrible.

while nike may be trying to internationalize it’s football commercials, they’re still behind adidas. i mean, the jose plus ten commercials are killer. (again, no english.) but their uniforms, while better than the nike uniforms, aren’t cutting it.

in fact the only uniforms that really look great are the ones made by puma. those angola uniforms are probably the best of the entire tournament.

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