super saturday (sorry, you already missed it)

June 20, 2006 at 11:30 am | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | Leave a comment

before saturday, i was telling everybody i talked to about how great this year’s world cup has been–my friends and family, co-workers, people i sat by on the bus, blind-dates and tele-marketers. i continue to tell everybody (see previous sentence) about how great this year’s world cup but now i only need to point to one day (if it’s even possible to point to a day) as proof. that day was saturday.

since i stayed up late friday night watching fistfull of dynamite (loved it!), so i slept through saturday’s first game. luckily i didn’t also watch once upon a time in the west or i would have slept through the ghana/czech republic. this guy might have the best haircut at the world cup:

and this guy’s the best fan at the world cup:

and the game was amazing. ghana was everywhere. if it wasn’t for peter cech, ghana would have scored five goals. plus their uniforms were great.

the usa game, on the other hand, was a big disappointment. the game itself was crazy: multiple red cards, blood all over the field, bad anouncers. while everyone wants to blame the refs for the loss, i think it falls entirely on the usa coach. why doesn’t bruce arena sub? pope spends the entire first half getting beat, giving up a goal and getting a yellow card. instead of sitting him at the half, arena leaves him in to get a second yellow card. late in the second half, when both teams are dying from fatigue, arena still had one sub and had both eddie johnson and teenwolf(f) on the bench. so what does he do? nothing. just settles for the tie. no wonder the us isn’t going to get out of the first round.


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