supporting your team through the food you eat

June 22, 2006 at 12:49 pm | Posted in becky, football (soccer) | 1 Comment

i will admit, I have missed a lot of the world cup games. but i did watch yesterday’s match between ghana and the u.s., and this is what I snacked on during the game:

diet coke

partway through the game i noticed that my snacks had a theme to them–they all matched ghana’s color scheme. take a look:

now, this isn’t that strange because i’m always drinking diet coke, and redvines are my favorite.

what’s weird is that after i’d noticed that all of my snacks looked ghanaian, i looked over to see what my roommate was eating and I saw THIS!!:

–does this mean that my snacks were causing ghana to win? i doub it (i considered this possibility for a minute. since ghana was clearly faster than the u.s. in this game, i thought about drinking some extra diet coke to help the u.s. pick up some speed. but i doubt even a redline [or crack] would have helped, so, i ruled this one out).

–was it a sign from god? possibly.

–what it definitely was, however, was me immediately switching my allegiances and cheering for ghana to win.

if this is treason and punishable by death, i’ll be sure to have redvines, diet coke, and pringles as my last meal.

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  1. not treason. ghana is cooler and better. don’t worry about it.

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