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with all of the recent hype about futebol (or soccer if you must) i must admit that my blood does boil at the under appreciation for the sport that requires so much more skill and determination, which in comparison makes “soccer” look like a kiddy game. don’t get me wrong… some soccer players can pull off some sweet moves, but it really pales when compared to the average footbag master.

let’s look at the facts, shall we? when was the last time you heard about someone being unable to compete in the great sport of footbag because of possible drug/steroid use? i’m not aware of a single time. In fact I think that the truly great footbaggers wouldn’t deny using an occasional control substance.

as you can see from the few pictures that I added here, footbaggers have rad hair and “uniforms” (I use the “‘s because footbaggers generally scoff in the collective face of organized sports’ tendancy to have lame outfits [as has been mentioned earlier on this guy knows what i’m talking about])

if you feel as i do, that footbagging has been the forgotten step child when it comes to the sporting world then you can catch up on all things footbag here:


p.s. i’m glad to be a part of such a totally awesome blog, this is ash catchem a.k.a. pillow talk a.k.a. dave (just FYI)

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