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July 4, 2006 at 2:02 pm | Posted in brian, fespn, football (soccer) | 3 Comments

after a month of watching world cup matches on espn i could no longer watch quitely; i had to send espn a letter (or more correctly, an email)of complaint. here it is, in its entirety:

dear espn (and most espn-related stations including but not limited to espn2, espnews, espn.com and espn classic, but excluding espn deportes),

since this is an internet communication, w’stfd with your world cup coverage? i understand that due to the lack of football interest here in the us, this is not a big money competition. and i understand that since football is the major sport everywhere else in the world, espn does not receive preferential treatment for its coverage (because there are probably a thousand sports stations in the world whose coverage will have more viewers than espn’s). understandably you’re bitter about the world cup. but how about a little professionalism? i mean, where did you dig up these old fossils as commentators? i’m beginning to wonder if the any of the play-by-play guys have ever even watched a football match (and i’m wondering if the color commentators have watched a game outside of the mls in the last four years). besides tommy smith you all have got nothing. i learn more about the players and teams watching the spanish channel and i don’t even know spanish.

also, what’s up with your constant discrediting of the officials? i never see you rasie the same concerns during the nba playoffs (which are obviously rigged).

and how come you couldn’t even spring for a set in germany? you’re espn, the world leader in sports.

this terrible coverage has me asking some tough questions about espn: is the coverage so bad because football is a team sport so it becomes difficult to lionize individual players like you do in other sports(who also are in the commercials during breaks in sportscenter)? is it because football matches don’t allow for maximum commercials? maybe you should change you tagline from the world leader in sports to the corporate america’s leader in sports.

anyway, football is here to stay so i suggest you up your product.

thank you for your time,
brian wood

ps tell all your radio show hosts that football isn’t more boring than other sports. it’s quite the contrary. baseball is like 5 minutes of nothing for every 30 seconds of play, american football is mostly huddles and time-outs and basketball is all free-throws and commercial breaks (with the occasional pump-up song fed in through the pa).



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  1. i’m pretty sure these guys won’t know that soccer is called football everywhere else. They’ll probably be confused about that part of your e-mail. go portugal!

  2. i wish you could have signed that from all of us

  3. You should have sent your comments via mail rather than email and attached a check. I am pretty sure money is the only thing that they understand.

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