living a world cup life

July 8, 2006 at 4:54 pm | Posted in aaron d.w., football (soccer) | 2 Comments

the world cup seems so far away from us. that’s because it is. it’s in germany. and we’re not. but it seems far away for other reasons besides just geographical ones. it seems far away because not very many people in america seem to care about the world cup. it seems far away because espn does a horrible job covering it. it seems far away because the best announcers speak spanish. on sunday, while the world minus america is watching the world cup, i’ll be doing more than just watching it. i’ll be trying to bring the world cup closer to home. since we can’t go to germany we have to bring germany to us. and i’m not talking about rebuilding the berlin wall along the mexico border. i’m talking about getting world cup haircuts. today brian and i played two video game football matches. in the first match i got blown out and it’s because his star player had a blonde stripe dyed on the top of his head. the second game i won because brian wasn’t trying. the point is that you need a world cup haircut to accomplish world cup things. the world cup happens every four years, but we can make every day a world cup day. we are in a position to always keep the world cup in our hearts and in our hair. are you going to the grocery store today? why not do it with a world cup haircut? are you going rollerskating? do it with a world cup attitude. are you getting your pictures taken? get them taken with little kids that you don’t know. live a world cup life. you won’t be sorry.

are you wondering what a world cup haircut is? it’s up to you. world cup haircuts are about doing whatever you want with your hair. i’ve documented myself and some of my friends with our idea of what a world cup haircut might be. i was going to try to take the picture of a gentleman that i saw in fred meyer when i was in portland last month, but then i thought he might think it was rude if i went up to him and asked, “hey, is that a world cup haircut and can i take your picture?” i regret backing out. because if i hadn’t, i’d not only have one more picture to post, but i’d have a picture of the best world cup haircut that i’ve seen. i tried to make up for it by asking this kid if i could take a picture of his hat.

send us a picture of your world cup hairstyle or lifestyle!

brian = mohawkgavin goes all out for portugal gamesmatt — great cook, better soccer fan

this kid actually wentpig-tailskatie p. watching world cup

shoelace headbandclif watching socceradam loves soccer and he knows the girl that sent me an anonymous love letter



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  1. Who is that with the fu man chu? Those are my favorite!

  2. someone gave himself a haircut…

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