July 10, 2006 at 12:23 am | Posted in football (soccer), whitney | 6 Comments

So, basically all I want to say is that I am probably in love with Raymond Domenech. If we are talking about the best World Cup hair he might take the so-called cake. Those stylish glasses. That snazzy suit. He stole my heart.

Also, a pressing question on my mind: headbutts. Cool or uncool? Those insufferable American announcers seemed to suggest that no, head butts are “unclassy” or “ugly,” but I tend to think that there is something very classy and beautiful about head butts if you are a football player. Anyone else will take a swing at you, but a World Cup Football Athlete will drive his abnormally large head into your chest. Bitchin’.



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  1. don’t forget that salt and pepper hair. mmmm mmm

  2. it’s because you’re not allowed to use you’re hands in football unless you’re the goalie. zidane was a footballer to the end.

    and the american announcers are just mad because they were pushin the zidane story line (retiring from international and club after the tournament) and only the zidane story line after the usa was eliminated. so really it’s funny that zidane head-butted that guy just to stick it to us television coverage.

  3. i kept saying how great looking this guy was during every french game. i even made everyone pay special attention to his sweet glasses. what a hunk!

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  5. i forgot to mention that he didn’t allow any scorpio’s on the team. that’s how they made it to the world cup, i’m convinced.

  6. i bet there were a lot of sagittariuses. even if i don’t know how to spell it.

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