making a (sporting) difference

July 29, 2006 at 2:19 pm | Posted in brian, misc | 5 Comments

with the growing success of this guy knows what i’m talking about it’s time we (this includes both the writers and readers of this guy knows what i’m talking about as well as the writers and readers friends and/or associates) started making a real difference in the way sports are percieved. i feel like we’re off to a good start–defending the so-called indefensible (zidane, bonds and t.o.), rethinking our reasons for the loving the teams we love, highlighting the sports and players blacklisted from espn (specifically football [soccer] and ricky williams)–but it’s time to take it to the next level.

so, it’s time we created our own fittest athletes list (i’m using fit the same way the streets and ali g do: fit = hot). what i need from you (writers, readers, friends and/or associates) is nominations. after we have a sufficent number of worthy nominations, we’ll have have a vote for the fittest athlete.

to get things started, here are some of my nominations (if you want to see what they look like, i suggest googling their names):
christiano ronaldo
rapheal nadal
allen iverson
steve nash
tj ford
ricky williams (but only with a beard)
david beckham
andy roddick
rasheed wallace
johnny “jesus” damon (in other words, pre-yankees)
leandrino barbosa

i’ll add more later. feel free to add your own by either (a) leaving the names in the comment section, (b) emailing me at or (c) writing your own atricle arguing for your fittest athletes.



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  1. I demand to know what Shaq is doing on that list. I mean, I don’t want to be terribly petty here, but Shaq?? Really? I’m not saying his part on Curb Your Enthusiasm wasn’t funny or anything…and don’t even get me started on Kazaam (best movie ever. In the words of one imdb reviewer “…one of the very few great films of our times…”) But, the guy’s lacking in the looks department.

    Also, I nominate Danny Kass, who has that Keanu Reeves “I’m probably not the smartest guy” look, but was also the subject of a spread page in my tenth grade journal entitled “Mrs. Kass.” (I don’t know. Don’t ask. High School is still a mystery to me).

  2. i put shaq on the list for aaron. he thinks he deserves to be on lthe list because he always wears a top hat. i won’t be voting for him

  3. I’d nominate Jens Lehmann

  4. here are a couple nominations: Roy Williams, WR Detroit Lions. He’s pretty cool looking in a frightening way.

    next is 9-Ball Pro Jeanette Lee who has probably logged more face time on ESPN2 than any other athlete.

    i also like Maria Sharapova.

  5. is this thing going anywhere? if so, i’m ditching sharapova for ana ivanovic.

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