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this fittest list is brilliant. mainly because i’m going to take it as an opportunity to perv all over this blog. i’m sorry if that was not the list’s function or design. i can’t help myself. a few of the fittest men that i would have nominated have already made the list (andy roddick, david beckham), but I have come up with a few more for consideration. this wasn’t easy, considering the vast number of attractive athletes. italy’s soccer team also made it difficult. here are my nominations (in no particular order):

1. jeff francoeur–right fielder for the atlanta braves 6’4″, 220lbs, 22 years old, with a yearly salary of almost $400,000. perrrfect. look at me

2. fabio grosso–left back, left wing for italy 6’3″, 181 lbs, a fellow sagitarrean, also born in the year of the snake (it’s like we’re soul mates!). and look at that skin! check me out

3. andrea barzagli–center back for italy 6’1″, 174lbs. sure, he only played in 2 games out of the entire world cup, but he’s just so pretty! what’s up with these italians? mmm mm

4. bucky lacek–skate. he has been my favorite skater ever since i knew he existed. it started out because we shared a name. having grown up with the nickname bucky, i became an instant fan. later, i found out he was extremely attractive and that was the icing on the cake (for those of you who like cake, or more specifically icing [i don’t really]). oh, and he’s also just so good at what he does. it’s bucky

5. Mike Mason–FMX. this year was his first time in the x games and he did a great job. he looked great doing it too. he also looked great in this photo i took with him (other people have been removed from the photo to protect the innocent). how YOU doin?

6. Kelly Slater–Surf. one of the greatest surfers of all time. possibly the greatest? i don’t know. but he’s tasty and his girlfriend is a total babe. he can also surf amazingly on some seriously crap waves. do you like what you see?

7. Dynaformer–horse. a thoroughbred stallion (like some of these other guys). what a stud! he has won over $650,000 in 30 races. not only that, but his offspring have won over 3.7 million this year alone. according to wikipedia, this makes dynaformer one of the united states’ leading sires in terms of offspring’s winnings. does the word “sire” make anyone else think of vampires? no other buffy geeks here? okay! buh bye. serve me up some of THAT

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