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ricky williams — beard and clipboardthe update is that not only is he the coolest football player ever (see you later, karl mecklenberg), he’s also the unluckiest. i mean, espn demonizes a lot of players, but those players don’t always end up suspended for a year. and those players don’t always end up getting ridiculed by joe (fat-faced) theismann. and they don’t usually end up breaking their arms.

after receiving his one-year suspension from the nfl some of the canadian teams starting looking into signing them. they don’t pay as much as the nfl, but they also don’t have a drug policy. that makes it a nice place for ricky to stay in football shape for the year. he was signed by the toronto argonauts which is a way cooler name than any nfl team has including the cleveland browns and the san diego chargers. anyways, they signed him to a one-year contract with the permission of the miami dolphins for like $300,000 or something.

right after he signed the contract, joe theismann spoke out against the move, saying, “This is a feeble excuse for the Toronto Argonauts to sell tickets. I am embarrassed to have worn that ‘A’ on my helmet, to think that they would stoop to this level to sell tickets, to bring in someone who is not worthy of playing professional football. It’s a damn shame that the Toronto Argonauts would not show a lot more class and pass on somebody who has been a repeat drug offender. I don’t ever want to be mentioned in the same breath as Ricky Williams as a football player.”

this guy knows what i’m talking about has already discussed the problems with suspending ricky williams here and here. so obviously we (as in me and brian and possibly others) are upset that theismann gets to talk about ricky like that. just because his name rhymes with heisman, he thinks he can say whatever he wants about mr. williams. while it’s true that the argonauts probably signed ricky with hopes that he would both help the team win and help the organization sell more tickets, how is he not worthy of playing professional football? he doesn’t beat his wife. he doesn’t get in motorcycle wrecks without helmets. he doesn’t take steroids. he doesn’t have a gambling problem. he doesn’t perform leud acts at a boat party. he doesn’t brandish fire arms if he gets upset. so give me a break, theismann, he’s not a bad guy. maybe you’re just upset because your son does coke.

anyways, ricky started playing in the cfl (canadian football league). in case you’re curious, the cfl is a different game of football from the nfl. the field is 110 yards long with 20 to 25 yard-long end zones instead of 100 yards with 10 yard-long endzones. the field is also 11 2/3 yards wider than in the nfl. they only have 3 downs instead of 4. they can kick field goals in the middle of plays after they already pass the line of scrimmage. the teams have 12 players which usually means that they have 2 tailbacks. multiple players can be in motion at the same time and players in the backfield can even be in motion toward the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. there’s no fair catches and less timeouts, although the clock stops after every play during the last 3 minutes of each half.

in his first 4 games ricky had two different games where he rushed 18 times for 97 yards which isn’t so bad. but he also had two games where he had a combined 20 yards on 17 carries. to his credit though, his team was playing from behind so they didn’t run very much. he also had 7 catches in 4 games. so he wasn’t playing spectacular, but he was doing okay. and then in game 5 during the first half, he put his arm down to break his fall and fractured it. he seems to be recovering ahead of schedule and he’s in great spirits according to an article on cfl.ca.

seriously though, ricky can’t catch a break. it breaks my heart, but he’s a fighter and that’s the best we’ve got. don’t worry ricky, some people still think you’re super-cool.

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