Give me a V-I-P

August 29, 2006 at 12:07 pm | Posted in football (soccer), whitney | 1 Comment

I’m about Pee Wee-ed out.

The other day I drove my brother up to his soccer game in Heber – he only puked blue Gatorade twice on the way up. Here’s the low down, bullet style:

-Anthony rocks (pronounced Antony, of course). His overly enthusiastic father who was so into the game you would think Anthony’s million dollar sponsorship was dependent on this one game: Vipers v. Cobras (I kid you not).
-My brother plays defense. He likes this best because it means he has to run the least amount.
-The grown man in the Hawaiian shirt and super short khaki cutoffs perched on his lawn chair next to me didn’t appear to have a child on the team, but he was no less interested than any of the soccer moms. He must have had money on it or something, because he had a few potentially embarrassing run-ins with the refs.
-Best part? Bananas at half time and cookies and root beer afterward. Enough for all us die-hard fans. Also, pee wee sports gives me another excuse to head on down to my Uncle Tomasso’s Italian ice place for some free celebration goods. (Uncle Tomasso is totally not Italian. He’s fronting for the cash! Scummy or just plain good business?)
-Vipers won, if you were wondering. Were you sitting next to me on this park bench right now you would see me raising the roof in triumph.


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  1. cobras is probably a better teamname

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