i heart andy roddick’s tennis heart and regular heart

September 25, 2006 at 12:34 pm | Posted in fight, tennis | 4 Comments

I know i know there has been way (way) too many Andy Roddick posts lately. But it’s because he’s been in the news dude. I watched Andy play tennis for nearly 5 hours yesterday. Oh okay i switched back and forth between other shit on my fight tv and went to a women’s soccer match and i got some sun to. The soccer match was good. The weird thing about the Davis Cup is that in the 5th set they don’t do a tie break, so you gotta win by 2 games. The record for the longest 5th set match at Davis Cup was set yesterday. Suck on it Sampras. Tursunof, Roddick’s opponent finally finished him off 17 games to 15. Andy sure does have a lot of tennis heart even though he let down the USA squad, but not the country because we could care less about tennis (and soccer). I have a hard time with the Davis Cup because i don’t really care. I like clay, i really do. I thought long about how hard it must be playing on clay. I imagine it’s probably a lot like playing tennis on drugs or alcohol. The ball is always bouncing weird, not doing what it’s supposed to. I encourage playing tennis on drugs and alcohol, at least until you’ve decided to take it serious. Now i’m off to watch some more fight tv…



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  1. too many crappy jokes. just write about sports gav.

  2. i know i just wanna take it down.

  3. it’s too late now gav, it’s too late.

  4. great roddick piece, gav, great roddick piece.

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