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October 4, 2006 at 10:35 am | Posted in football (american), pillowtalk | 6 Comments


The other day I was flipping through the channels and happened to see Mr. Marino’s face staring back out of my t.v. He was there talking with a few other “less important” guys talking about the week in american football. The reason that this caught my attention was because they were all talking about Brett Favre. It was only interesting because they were talking about the “current events” that were happening when Favre hit the NFL. Some of the things they mentioned: Last of the Mohicans was the top movie, grunge music came onto the scene lead by Nirvana with Smells like Teen Spirit, both Mike Tyson and Jeffrey Dahmer were arrested that year (tyson for rape, Dahmer for murder), Super Nintendo was released, The Gulf war, Magic Johnson announced that he has HIV, etc. The other men on the show started “ribbing” Marino about how Brett has 402 career touchdown passes, and is quickly approaching Marino’s own record of 420 .

this caused me to think… i mean, one would hope that after 16 seasons straight, starting every game a quarter back would have at least 400 touchdown passes. I looked up Marino’s career and found out that he actually played for 17 seasons. So essentially Favre has another season along with the current one to make 18 touchdown passes. I think he will do it. I just don’t know if he should.

After reading up on Mr. Favre’s life from here, I found out that he’s become a corporate machine. The boy that started out so well has apparently come to the point where he’s lost touch with what really matters in life. In his early years he was a fun guy, making silly bets and having a good time. From there it seems that he’s changed his focus to numbers and records. I don’t know if Marino was the same (i didn’t pay him any attention when he was a QB).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really don’t know much about it at all, so I ask: who do you like? Farve or Marino? Should Favre break Marino’s record, or should the record stand at 420 ?



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  1. marino is a dickhead and favre isn’t. so i think that anything to discredit marino is a good idea. this applies to favre. besides, i like favre and i think he deserves it. also, there was this stupid commercial that insinuates that all those old retired quarterbacks hang out and watch football together. i hate everyone in that commercial for hanging out with marino and some of them i hate of their own merit. i just hope that favre isn’t digitally inserted into the commercial when he retires. i doubt he will be since marino probably hates him. which is better for brett. he can watch football with his family (minus his dad — he’s dead) in between driving semi trucks to new orleans with supplies.

  2. I admit, i was leaning in that direction. I mean, what kind of QB gets all the records without helping his team win a Superbowl? What kind of lame is that?

  3. I’m going to agree. I think Marino, like all athletes-turned-pregame-show-hosts, is a douche bag. I’d much prefer to see Favre hold that record. As long as he does it this year. I don’t think I can stomache another off-season of “will Favre retire” talk. It’s annoying. Besides, Karl Malone currently hold the record for consecutive years of retirement speculation and that’s a record I don’t want to see Favre break.

  4. i wonder if i changed the title of this post to “who would you do?” would the answers change? I hope that the question was implied in the post.

  5. i’d do marino. or wait, does farve still have braces? if not, i’d do farve.

  6. i’d do marino. i kind of like how he does nutrisystem commercials.

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