mort a. + mike v. = best friends 4eva

October 10, 2006 at 10:30 am | Posted in aaron d.w., football (american) | 3 Comments

morten andersenat 46 years of age, morten andersen was signed by the falcons to be their star kicker. their previous star kicker missed 6 of 8 field goals in 2 games, which isn’t very star-like. so they decided to go with the older, handsomer, and more experienced morten. this is mort’s 25th year playing in the nfl. 25 years is the silver anniversary, if i’m not mistaken. in morten’s case, this means that he is fated to not pass greg anderson on the list of top scorers in the nfl — at least, that has been the talk. but i believe in old-man morten andersen. he’s got a steel will and a heart of gold. in fact, in just two games back he’s already kicked 6 field goals and 2 extra points. so even though at the beginning of the season he was behind greg anderson on the all-time scorer’s list by 76 points (greg anderson has 2,434 points over his career while mort has 2,358), he’s aleady shaved off 20 of those points in 2 games. so there are still 12 games left this season and only 56 points need to pass greg up. all the geezer has to do is score an average of 5 points a game for the rest of the season and he becomes the nfl’s all-time leading scorer. i think he can do it. and so does he: “in my heart, i knew i could play.”

morten’s celebrated career includes making 526 of 665 field goals, with a 60-yarder as his longest (5th longest in nfl history). it also includes only missing 10 extra points in 810 attempts. he kicked the memorable field goal in 1999 which propelled the falcons to the nfc championship. he’s kicked off 1457 times with 478 of those resulting in touchbacks. he’s also made 7 1/2 big tackles over his 24 year career. it seems hard to improve on stats like these, but he’s determined to do it.

old man footballthe other record that he is trying to break is oldest person ever to play national league football. george blanda holds that record, retiring at the rotten old age of 48. 2 more years, mort. 2 more years. i think that’s especially feasible, given that his relationship with the falcons coach jim mora is so good. it’s easy for them to be best friends, since jim is only 15 months older than mort. besides, morten andersen is geared up to break the record. 6 years ago morten told the world that he planned to kick until he was 50. he reiterated that idea this last week: “When I said that I wanted to kick until I was 50, no one said I couldn’t skip a year here or there. So I took last season off, right? Now I’m ready to go again. It’s going to be great.” he’s off to a great start and he’s a great fit for the falcons, while they try to mold koenen into the league’s best kicker/punter. until he’s ready to take over and until morten andersen turns 50, mort is dedicated to helping this team get to the super bowl. he’s on the same page as the rest of the offense and he’s getting along great with michael vick. “I plan on helping them continue to build on the success they’ve already had this season and also help out Michael in any way I can.” with an attitude like that, what record isn’t going to get broken?

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  1. i think you just set the record of best picture combination in one post.

  2. Any excuse to put Ol’ Numba Hundred in a post, huh?

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