uniforms you can set your watch to

October 15, 2006 at 3:14 pm | Posted in aaron d.w., basketball | 3 Comments

sweet sixers jerseysamerican basketball is back. and i’m not talking about the national team that didn’t want iverson. i’m talking about preseason nba. so far it’s been pretty standard, except that the sixers, suns, and spurs (they only picked s-teams) went on a little tour of europe: holding training camp, playing friendly games against european clubs, and participating in a four-team basketball tournament. well, the spurs didn’t do that. but who cares about them as long as they have bruce bowen on their team. anyways, the sixers beat the suns and then they beat cska moscow to win the tournament. pretty good for a team that steve kerr thinks didn’t make enough roster moves to improve. news flash to steve kerr: maybe roster changes don’t help the sixers. as in, look at what they do every year. they overhaul their roster and bring a new group to play with iverson. it hasn’t worked. so this year maybe they did the smart thing and kept the same team so that they have time to figure each other out. the suns took second place. but who cares, right? and not “who cares?” because it’s preseason, but “who cares?” about scores when they are using some of the sweetest uniforms i’ve ever seen an american basketball team use.

cool suns jerseysthese suns jerseys are great. they have the normal suns purple, but then they also have green and red, two colors that are specifically un-sunlike. then the sixers uniforms have those sweet stripes on the shoulders. cool colors and different designs on both sides.

the nba has taken a small step forward. the suns and sixers probably won’t dare to wear those jerseys all the time, but at least they’re introducing a new look that basketball uniforms hadn’t seen. i mean, seriously, there haven’t been any good new jerseys (or good new-jersey’s — zing!) in forever. the only cool ones they use are on throwback night, which happens way less than it should. obviously, the suns and sixers have taken cues from football (soccer) uniforms. they saw that the world cup was slightly (barely) more popular in the united states than ever before and so they want to cautiously build on that. well, here’s my message to the suns, sixers, and every other team: use awesome uniforms all the time. (did i just say awesome?) you won’t regret it. basketball is so much cooler when the uniforms aren’t fat and ugly.


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  1. Maybe it’s because They (the Man) took away their bling, so the players need a little self-esteem booster as far as wardrobe goes.

    But I don’t even know if that’s true…was it basketball where they were making people wear suits? And if so, it couldn’t have been all the time, right? I don’t know what I’m talking about. Ever.

  2. I think the uniforms are kinda sweet but I wish teams would stop changing their unis every month. If I thought the changes were fashion-based I wouldn’t mind, but each team has a dozen different styles so they can sell a dozen barely-different jerseys to the same idiot for $50 bucks a pop so he can look like a butthole 12 different ways and they can pad their pockets a little more. It’s crass.

  3. i agree with clif’s marketing point. it sucks that they try to screw you as much as possible by making you buy the new uniforms. but then i remember how much more fun madden football is when you design 4 of your own uniforms and switch them up all the time. the compromise? throw out stupid uniforms entirely and only wear (and market) the 4 coolest. that or they could give away jerseys…

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