Spreadin’ the Love Love Love

October 20, 2006 at 9:50 am | Posted in misc, whitney | 4 Comments

One thing I hate (and no, I’m not getting this mixed up with our sister blog. Bare with me here…) is that This Person has been around for far longer than The Killtaker, but The Killtaker has just surpassed us on number of blogs. Granted, the sports blogs are (for the most part) far better written, more informative, funnier, and generally more intelligent than the majority of the hate blogs, but I feel like we have more to offer.

I’m going to go ahead and arrogantly blame this on myself. I don’t know how up to the task I am in participating in intelligent, witty conversations about sports. The closest I probably get to sports is pee wee soccer games (as previously mentioned) and Rocky. And while a post about the overall worthwhileness of Rocky is definitely in order, I am often behind.

But let me offer you this humorous anecdote: Word on the street is (told to me by Trevor Banks…who I think heard it from the source?) my favorite professor, Dean Duncan, just got asked to have dinner with another professor from one of those acclaimed universities back East. When asked whether or not he was going to go he replied, “No. I probably should…but hockey season starts that night.”

I want it known that I love people that love sports. I admire people who love anything, but there is something about team loyalty that I find very appealing (dare I say sexy? In that platonic kind of way. No funny business.). Because unlike movie stars or music, the rules for devoting so much energy to a team seem so much more arbitrary or coincidental. There is nothing very substantial holding a certain Canadian to the Edmonton Oilers except a childhood spent in Edmonton, and yet he will turn down an important, career enhancing dinner to survey the competition this year. It is this kind of irrational love that attaches us to Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Spongebob and Gary.

Remember a long time ago I wrote a blog about trying to get into baseball? I chose the A’s to follow because I had once been to an A’s game when we lived in Sacramento and my dad bought me a t-shirt that I wore out completely in the next year. That game was important to me, I like America, I like hot dogs (even though I don’t eat them any more), and my dad’s alright, so I decided I needed to devote myself to this new venture. That lasted about a week. I couldn’t even watch a single game and gave it up in favor of – I don’t remember – D2 or something. Much like my human interactions, I gave up love because it was too much of a hassle.

But, oh man, I love love vicariously. I like reading this blog and I like talking to my dad about his college football glory days (that resemble Rudy in uncanny ways). Just like I love listening to Ballad in Plain D and reading The History of Love. Anyway. I’m proud of you guys/gals. Keep up the good work. And I’ll do my best.


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  1. “bare with me”??? dude, read a book.

  2. Did you not notice “worthwhileness”?

  3. i wishe i had i persanel spellcheker that could folow me arowned in the reel world two. my live has felt so emty and i think i half finaly figurd out why

  4. Anonymous, eh? Must not know how to spell her/his name.

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