in soccer, a pitch is what they call the field

October 27, 2006 at 9:41 am | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | 3 Comments

i saw this movie called fever pitch. clif told me he read the book the movie is based on. the book is a memoir about being an arsenal fan. clif said the book is good and bears no resemblance to the movie. the movie was terrible. so terrible it was actually pretty funny. hopefully no one saw it, so i’ll fill you in on the details. jimmy fallon is a die hard red sox fan. his uncle used to take him to games at fenway park. then his uncle died and jimmy inherited season tickets. so his life is all about the red sox and these kids he teaches at school. then he falls in love in the off-season. you see where this is going. jimmy’s love of the red sox interferes with his love of this girl. they kind of break-up and jimmy decides to sell his season tickets to some asshole. but drew barrymore (his ex-girlfriend) can’t let that happen so she scalps some tickets and runs onto the field at fenway to stop him. the night she runs onto the field? the fourth game of the alcs where the red sox come back against the yankees and eventually win the series. the point? jimmy and drew’s love is the reason the red sox win the series.

i seriously doubted the point of the movie. how do our baseball-related actions have any effect on the outcome of baseball games? but then i realized which two teams are playing in the world series.

at the beginning of last summer i needed a new baseball cap. i was at target and noticed they had all these mlb caps that were the style i like–simple, adjustable and fits the shape of your head. and they were only like ten dollars. so i bought a detroit tigers hat. not because i like the tigers, but because their hat is blue and not the yankees or red sox. aaron really liked my hat, so he went to target to buy one. he chose the cardinals because their hat was blue and not the yankees or red sox. and what two teams are in the world series? the detriot tigers and the st. louis cardinals.


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  1. i think you should go buy a redsox hat, because i love them (and if that’s what it takes for them to win it all again, so be it). i loved them before they were good, back when they still sucked (like now).

    my reason for loving the redsox:
    it’s the only professional game i’ve ever snuck into. The ticket guys totally saw us and just laughed at how we were trying to be sneaky… because there wasn’t much of a crowd and the fact that the tickets were only $10. ever since that day I vowed to love them above all others.

  2. I think you need to buy a yanks hat. I want to see my team in the world series next year.

  3. oh yeah? well i liked the st. louis cardinals’ hat way before it was cool to like their hat. back when their hat was still bad, i liked it.

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