i used to think aaron rooted for the underdog, but now i don’t know what to think

October 28, 2006 at 4:33 pm | Posted in brian, football (american) | Leave a comment

i spend part of most saturday afternoons watching college football with gavin. every week we flip through random games looking for upsets (unless florida is playing, then we watch that game hoping that urban meyers plays tim tebow, but meyers is an idiot and he barely uses tebow). a month or so ago we saw michigan destroy notre dame. then the next week we were heartbroken as notre dame came back to win against michigan state. then there were a bunch of weeks with out any real threat of upsets–at least in the games we partially watched.

today we were watching florida and georgia. but, like every week except one, meyers hardly even used tebow. so we switched over the the second-half of the usc/oregon state game. it was awesome. oregon state got up by 20 some odd points. then usc worked its way back into the game. with seven seconds left, usc scored a touchdown. they needed a two-point conversion to tie. gavin and i watched in fear. it’s so sad to see such an underdog play so well only to lose the game at the last second. but oregon state totally stopped the conversion.

my first thought was to call aaron. i figured he likes and upset as much as me. plus, he goes to oregon state and, even though he doesn’t care about the sports program there, i thought he’d feel a little sentimental about his school knocking off an team like usc.

so i called him. except he didn’t care at all. not only that, but he thought it was dumb that i thought he’d care.

maybe that’s why he hardly posts on this thing anymore.

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