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November 23, 2006 at 1:45 pm | Posted in brian, football (soccer) | Leave a comment

bob costas is pleased to be back on the medium he started out on: radio. at least that’s what radio told me. and when i say radio told me i mean a commercial on the radio narrated by bob costas told me. after explaining how pleased he was to be back on the radio (and i wonder what exactly he meant by pleased–pleased as in it gives him pleasure, pleased that he’ll make a shitload of money for talking about nothing or pleased that he doesn’t have to comb his hair for work?), bob costas said how an unnamed we pondered over what to call his new radio show. before i drop the name (which, in this instance, is different from name-dropping), i want to ponder over who this unnamed we could include and wonder why bob costas would say this unnamed we pondered. bob costas is probably a part of this we, but who else? his producer? his barber? dan marino? espn radio? and what weren’t just thinking about a name but pondering. maybe ponder is a loaded word for me. i guess joseph smith pondered and that’s the main reason i was born in utah and possibly the main reason i was born at all. that’s something i should ponder about. i seriously doubt they (bob costas and whoever) pondered. the name they came up with? bob costas on the radio. is that a joke?

here’s the best goal i’ve seen this year:

don’t forget that chelsea was down 2-1 in extra time when he scored this goal. drogba scored the first goal.

speaking of drogba, there’s this guy on youtube who posts like every drogba goal. sometimes he compiles drogba highlights into a kind of drogba mixtape. that’s cool. but what’s cooler? the music he chooses for this drogba mixtape:

because pusher and malice are twins, i can never tell their verses apart. but they’re awesome. and don’t sleep on pharrell.


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