defining a non-traditional sports fan

December 31, 2006 at 7:41 am | Posted in brian, football (american), misc | 4 Comments

don’t you hate player-nicknames? not in principal; in practice. i could list a bunch of stupid player-nicknames but why? they’re so boring and obvious. except for vinsanity. if we want to have an impact on sports we have to be the ones coming up with the nicknames. by we i mean non-traditional sports fans. as for a definition of non-traditional sports fan, it’s a lot like non-traditional student but the criteria is a little different. i don’t want to make an official list of criteria for non-traditional sports fan for fear of not being inclusive enough. this is something that we probably need to workshop. eventually we’ll be able to define a set of non-traditional sports fans and then organize together to make professional sports fun by changing the culture of professional sports. but so far we haven’t even defined non-traditional sports fan. but while we work through definitions, we can still work on changing the culture of sports in small way. like coming up with our own nicknames.

i’m watching the alamo bowl. texas and iowa. texas has a qb named colt mccoy who has a nasty coldsore. the obvious nickname is coldsore mccoy. while it might be a little obvious, it’s funny enough that it doesn’t matter. the iowa qb is named drew tate. since it’s the alamo bowl and the other qb is named coldsore mccoy and iowa is playing texas tate’s nickname is sheriff tate. and he’s thrown 2 touchdowns deputy brodell.


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