First Post About Boise?

January 3, 2007 at 11:20 pm | Posted in fespn, football (american), senor dustin | 7 Comments

“David & Goliath.” “Cinderella Story.” “Little guys v. Big dogs.”

If you watched Boise State on Monday night, I’d bet my buttons that you rooted for Boise.  I doubt many people from Oklahoma were disappointed with the outcome.  Why?  1.  ‘Cuz Boise went out with no doubt that they could win.  Most trad sports fans thought they’d get blown out, cuz OK is OK, and they’d never seen Boise play.  2.  Boise outcoached Stoops, obviously, and I’m not sure they needed the trick plays.  Trick plays did help make it the best TV show ever, though.  3.  The #1 reason you rooted for Boise- douchebag, homer, cliche-obsessed commentators.  Anyone who watched Boise this season knew that it wasn’t going to be a “david & goliath” type of game.  “So, what do you think Coach?”  “Great call coach!  You saw his knee go down.”  I’ve heard beter announcing on the Mountain network. 

Despite the obvious and shallow arguments of people who’d like to see the money and prestige stay in the big name schools and conferences, I don’t think it’ll be long before teams like Boise get a shot at the title.  Non-trad sports fans just need to keep writing blogs for each other, and F-ing ESPN.


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  1. I grudgingly admit that it was cool that Boise won, but I hate their fans…enough that I wouldn’t have been rooting for them.

  2. everyone i talked to said that the only reason boise state won games is because they have a blue field and it gives them an unfair advantage. i want to call all those people on the telephone and tell them they’re stupid.

  3. but what team can you like if you’re going to let their fans determine it for you? and, on a continuim of stupid fans, boise state fans are probably less stupid than oklahoma fans, generally, just like portland state fans are less stupid than florida state fans, again generally. but maybe i shouldn’t talk in generalizations. that’s what racists do.

  4. when boise state killed utah this year, i thought the fans were gracious winners and far less annoying than other schools, such as the byu fans. big surprise, right? one thing about the boise state fans is that roughly 80% of them had faux-hawks. remember those?

  5. Yes Brian, I am a racist because I think in generalizations…..

    So, I hate Boise State Fans–its not a matter of relativity compared to the other team fans……..Its absolute!

    Seriously though, everytime I read about the team, talk to Boise State Fans, and have spent time up in Idaho back when I lived up there completely turned me off to their football team. It’s sports. I hate Boise State, and have so for at least 10 years.

    I think you’re allowed to be somewhat irrational when it comes to who you like and who you don’t in sport teams.

  6. i believe that you can’t really choose anything. in other words, i think free will is an illusion. that being said, i think it’s fine that you hate boise state. i think it’s fine to hate them even if free will exists (but it doesn’t). and the racist joke was more a joke about me making a generalization about racists that they all talk in generalizations. i admit it wasn’t that funny.

  7. Brian, you haven’t been on my wordpress blog per chance? If you have, you’re kind of awesome (this won’t make anysense if you haven’t).

    I actually wondering if you were making a bit of a racist joke–but chose to “act” offended.

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