they should make a morning-after pill for championship games

January 10, 2007 at 2:18 am | Posted in brian, fespn, football (american) | Leave a comment

people talk about post-holiday depression. since i hate the holidays i don’t get it; instead i get something like post-holiday elation. but i guess psd comes about because people get so excited for the holidays and build it up for months and months and then it’s over so quickly. i think there may be related disorders with big sporting events. like the college football championship. you wait for this game the entire season and then it’s three-plus hours and almost has to fail to live up to all the hype. unless you’re a university of florida football fan, i imagine you wake up this morning thinking something like, “shit, man, i watched all these stupid football games this year and it’s already all over and it doesn’t mean shit.”

so what do you do the morning after?

i got up and took my friend to the airport. on the way back home i switched over to espnradio. you know, for the (unintentional) humor. dan patrick was going on and on about college football needing a playoff. i agree, but for different reasons. i think there should be a college football playoff system (i want something like the world cup with round-robin group stages and a knockout tournament) because it’s stupid not to have one. dan patrick wants a college football playoff system because fox owns the rights to the college football championship game until 2010. dan patrick works for espn so of course he’s going to try and discredit a championship game broadcast on a rival network. while talking about how much sense a college football playoff system would be, dan patrick mentioned multiple times that fox own the rights to the championship game until 2010 so don’t expect any changes until then. i wonder if his story would change if abc (who owns espn) had the rights to broadcast the championship game until 2010.

but maybe i’m bitter. out of all of our contributors who participated in this college bowl pick pool (aaron, clif, senor dustin and fight), i finished last.


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