the future is where it’s at

January 13, 2007 at 12:06 am | Posted in brian, football (american) | 2 Comments

i’ve done some hard thinking about this blog.  i felt like we are right on the edge and all we need is a little more and we’ll be blasting past the stratosphere.  so here’s my idea: predictions.  i’ve noticed a trend in sports coverage.  the major sporting press doesn’t spend their time on outcomes and analysis but on building up events.  think of the college football championship.  for more than a month i heard new-report after news-report and prediction after prediction about this game.  based on the amount of coverage given to the game before the game you’d think it was going to be the most exciting game of the season.  it turned out to be over before halftime.  i was going to make a joke about how this emphasis on pre-game coverage is similar to premature ejaculation, but i think it’s too late.  and all the expert’s prediction turned out to be wrong.  not only that, there was absolutely no fall-out for all the failed predictions.  no one lost their job or was demoted.  so the best part about predicting is you don’t ever need to be right.  it’s sort of like if you consistently prematurely ejaculate, the chances of pregnancy are significantly decreased.  but don’t take your sex advice from me.

so here are my predictions for this weeks nfl playoff games:

the bears will beat the seahawks because their uniforms are better

the saints will beat the eagles because of hurricane katrina

the chargers will beat the patriots they’ll run more trick plays

the colts will beat the ravens if peyton manning grows a mustache or thinks about growing a mustache.

but hopefully we can still remember what got us here and not focus too much on the future.



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  1. my ability to concentrate went with “premature ejaculation”

  2. really? because the joke was really the too late part.

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