i’m calling b.s. on opening all those mcdonalds

January 17, 2007 at 12:30 am | Posted in basketball, brian | Leave a comment

this morning i watched espn for a couple minutes while i was waiting for the soup to come on. sportscenter was all about the heat/laker game last night. it’s supposed to be so awesome because it’s kobe versus d wade and who’s he best player in the league and why do games at the staple center look like a basketball play and how shaq couldn’t play against his old team because he’s dead or dying. who cares? well, according to espn this morning, magic johnson claimed that last night’s heat/laker game was probably the best game this season. magic johnson is supposed to be one of the best basketball players ever so he would know if last night’s heat/laker game was the best game of the season. but then i remembered that magic johnson is like a part-owner or holds some position in the lakers’ upper management and he works for tnt who aired the game. so can his statement be trusted?

no. not only was that not the best game of the season, it wasn’t even the best game of the night. in the jazz/wizard game last night gilbert arenas scored over fifty points and made like a billion three-pointers not to mention a buzzer-beating three pointer to win the game. not only that, in the fourth quarter arenas and okur traded three pointers for like eight straight possessions. the game was awesome. but even i wouldn’t say it was one of the best games of the season.


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