colin cowherd + bad radio

January 18, 2007 at 1:37 am | Posted in fespn, senor dustin | 5 Comments

K, so I’m hoping Cowherd will pull an Andy Nesbitt and google himself to find negative press (not that this is considered press, but that’s what he’d be looking for). I’ve listened to him several times on my way to work lately, and normally he’s only as bad as the rest of the ESPN guys. This week for some reason, instead of loud unconconsidered opinions about the sports world, he’s spitting loud, unconsidered opinions about that fucking reality tv show where whores (male and female) sing and “judges” make fun of them. Seriously. Monday he was talking about it from the moment I turned on my car to the moment I turned it off. I waited for him to explain the parallels to the sports world. That wasn’t the point; he just wanted to plug that show, and how cool he thinks the mean white guy is. So, I start my car up this morning and while I’m scraping my windows I hear this Cowherd fella talking about it again. What is wrong with this dude? Is the Fox network affiliated with ESPN somehow? I don’t get it. Theres no way he really likes it, and if he does, there is no way his listeners care. Right? Whatever, I’m done. Sports radio is even lamer than you think, and getting lamer. Sorry so negative. Hope you found us, Cowherd.

BTW… that would be neat if FESPN did a podcast or something.

I pick the Saints and Colts in the end game – Saints 24, Colts 31


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  1. two predictions in one? that’s gutsy. we should start a podcast. that would be sweet. let’s look into it.

  2. and i would’ve used an equals sign in the title.

  3. yeah, i realized after posting that the title was misleading. I was thinking of the good old web 1.0 days when people used code to direct their search queries. Like, “I want articles containing: ‘Cowherd’ + ‘Simon Cowell’ + ‘boyfriend’.”

    Still kinda hard to get across.

  4. I remember the good ol’ days (aka the Idol off-season) when Cowherd would only shamelessly plug crappy products. Like his month-long obsession with Fresca.

  5. you wanted it so that if you search for “colin cowherd + bad radio” your article would be first? smart, smart.

    also, i like how many times we say andy nesbitt so that when he googles his own name he finds our blog.

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