Should I give up on Drew Brees ever washing that mud off his face?

January 19, 2007 at 8:02 am | Posted in football (american), lee | 7 Comments


Colin Cowherd is my favorite sports personality. I won’t deny that the American Idol (AI) rants are unnecessary and perhaps inexcusable, but even those entertain me more than some local douche talking about witch supermodel he’d most like to spread his seed with. I heard one of the rants yesterday, and I’m not positive that he wasn’t making fun of it while plugging it. I’m also not certain that he wasn’t just plugging it and he loves the show. Know what I am certain of? That American Idol (AI) is dumb (I refuse to waste better adjectives). I’m in my fourth year of boycotting it. Well, my fourth full year. And it isn’t just because Kelly Clarkson is MY American Idol (AI) and the only American Idol (AI) that I’ll ever need, though that is definitely part of my hate equation. It is because I hate everything about the show, from the stupid outtakes, if you will, at the beginning of the show that are obviously faked by people who think it would be funny to look idiotic on an idiotic show, to Simon Cowell thinking he knows stuff about stuff, to Ryan Seacrest saying, “Seacrest: out!” at the end of every show (I’ve never actually heard him say this, one of my sister’s old boyfriends told me about it). Imagine Ryan Seacrest’s resume when he has to find a job after everyone figures out that shows like American Idol (AI) are lame and should be cancelled and shows like Freaks and Geeks are great and should last more than one season. I’m trying to imagine it right now. Are you? I also boycott Wendy’s.

I am picking the Saints and Colts in the Super Bowl because I like both teams better than who they are playing, because it would be the best Super Bowl , and because I think they are the teams that will win.

Why does everyone hate Peyton Manning so much? Is it because he comes from a family good enough to have three NFL quarterbacks? Is it because he makes funnier commercials than any other athlete? Is it because he is one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all-time, despite playing during an era when teams are infatuated with quarterbacks who have the ability to run with the ball?

I used to hate Peyton Manning too. I wanted Ryan Leaf to be better than him. I was glad that Tennessee won a national championship the year after he left (even though I hate Tennessee). Then, in 2001 or something, I heard an interview with Archie Manning where most of the time he made fun of Peyton. Then I heard/saw/read things from Peyton Manning that I thought were funny. I started paying more attention to his game and less to his what I previously thought about him and I realized that I love watching him play. I like how he calls plays from the line of scrimmage instead of having the offensive coordinator do it from the booth. I love watching him do things like go up against Baltimore’s defense last weekend. Little by little, he chipped away at them, realizing that he probably couldn’t get 300 yards and four touchdown passes. I also like how he calls out Andy Nesbitt every chance he gets.

I also have a soft spot for people who are unfairly judged as “chokers” or players that “can’t with the big one”. It’s not a horrible thing to lose to a team that is better than you (like the Patriots over the last few years), especially if nobody else can beat them.

Anyway, that is my conversion story from Peyton Manning hater to Peyton Manning crusher.


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  1. Who are you? This is a good post. I can’t believe you like Cowherd though. Even aside from the crappy plugs (Fresca?, I don’t get it) I think he’s one of the bigger a holes. Here’s what I found when I searched for colin cowherd + bad radio:
    I agree with you about Manning. He’s more exciting to watch than any other QB, even Ron “Aquafina Bong” Mexico. I find myself rooting for him too.
    He calls out Andy Nesbitt? Do tell.

  2. He doesn’t call out Andy Nesbitt (that I know of). I don’t even know who Andy Nesbitt is, I just thought it was funny that he has been brought up a few times on this blog and I am trying to fit in.

    I’m Lee. my blog name is bookontape. I was signing up a few days ago and sat there for a half-hour trying to think of a cool name. I finally resorted myself to coming up with a semi-cool name, then downgraded my desires to an okay name. I looked around the library and saw a poster with the words ‘book’ and ‘tape’ on it and decided to go with it. I wish I could change it to ‘sugarcube’.

  3. I’m not surprised about Cowherd’s plagiarism. I don’t think he’s got any thoughts of his own beyond “Simon Cowell sure is funny” and “being an overpaid tool sure is awesome.” I’m convinced he just “finds” extreme, sports-related opinions on the internet, kicks the “extreme” up a couple notches and arrogantly airs them on his show as his own. Then, when a reasonable listener calls up to debate one of Colin’s opinions, Cowherd, rather than defend his position, hangs up on the caller and says (I shit you not, I’ve heard this a thousand times), “C’mon, man. Don’t bring that here. You’re just a fan. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve lived all over the country. I know what’s going on, so just stop. This is Big Boy radio. Grow up.” Grow up, indeed.

  4. And that is part of the reason I love Cowherd.

  5. I am a Saints fan from Argentina. Very nice Saints information. I think Bress will be an eventual hall-of-famer with Colston and Bush.
    I hope to be in New Orleans for a game this fall.

  6. Andy Nesbitt is the friend you invited over to watch the game, but he’s never really watched any football. Nonetheless, he makes unnecessary statements in a vain attempt to fool his cohorts into thinking he has half a brain in his head. Now I’m not necessarily a Manning fan myself, but how about this one:

    “I think Manning changes the play too much at the line of scrimmage. That shows some insecurity on his part. I want a QB who knows exactly what he wants to do.”

    The Favre quote about finishing the empties is the most disgraceful writing I’ve ever read. Where did this guy come from? He is everything that’s wrong with NFL sports media, and America for that matter.

  7. Here are some more “Nes-bitts”

    “The only thing more fragile than the Seahawks’ star offensive players this season is the collective psyche of their fan base. Chiefs 24, Seahawks 17.”

    Three things that are more exciting than the Ravens: A 10th grade chemistry class, C-Span in HD, and any episode of the George Lopez Show. Saints 20, Ravens 7.

    Tiki Barber called Michael Irvin an idiot after Irvin criticized the Giants’ RB on TV for announcing that he’ll retire after this season. Simply put, Irvin is about as smart as the chair you’re sitting on right now. Giants 23, Bucs 7.

    What a dick.

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