is this the hate blog?

January 29, 2007 at 11:44 pm | Posted in basketball, contributors, pillowtalk | 2 Comments

ok. i know this isn’t the hate blog, but i’m going to have to post a little hate here anyways. I hate sub-par college basketball games. I’m not into that strange voodoo language of math, so I’m not sure of the statistics. But after sitting through the BYU vs. Air Force basketball game last saturday, i decided that the players from those colleges need to study a little harder.

it was like watching an elementary school recess pick up game, everyone was selfish with the ball and only wanted to shoot the high and mighty 3 pointer. the idea of posting up and going for the easy lay-up for 2 points so their odds of scoring points goes up seemed foreign to them. yes… you do get that extremely coveted extra digit added onto your score if you get lucky and lob one up from the outer ring, but the odds aren’t in your favor!

things I did like about how college basketball is run:

1-) two 20 minute halves full of continuous play (except of course for the “media time-outs”).

2-) Austin Ainge plays for BYU, and seeing him play reminded me of the dinners I had with his parents Danny and Michelle Ainge. Danny Ainge played for the Celtics a million years ago with larry bird, and Michelle Ainge is hot. It was definately a place that the missionaries hoped to get to go for dinner appointments (they also had indoor batting cages).

are all college basketball games as boring as this one? Is this why the NBA is bringing in so many foreign players? because american kids only want to throw up the 3?


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  1. wait, did you go to arizona on your mission? because i did too, but never served in danny ainges’ ward.

  2. no, i went to the massachusetts boston. his family had just moved out there a while before i got to the area, because he took a job as the “Executive Director of Basketball Operations” (you can read about it here: )for the Celtics.

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