I can’t wait until the year when there is only one roman numeral digit

February 7, 2007 at 8:50 am | Posted in football (american), lee | 2 Comments

Prince?  Prince?!  PRINCE?!  W T F?!

What, was U2 busy?  Okay, U2 is a bad example because their songs are played during commercial break intros and outros for every single sporting event.  For some reason, and I am willing to bet cash money that that reason was that they were from Europe where soccer is huge, every single montage and commercial break of this year’s World Cup had a U2 song playing.  It’s as if somehow hearing a song by a band from a country that “understands” soccer is supposed to enhance one’s soccer viewing.  From now on, I am going to walk around life saying to people, “I’ve heard U2.  I get soccer.  Out of my way.”

I digress, and I did so because I couldn’t think of anything else to say about Prince playing halftime of the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl halftime entertainment seems to have run dry, and maybe it is time to bring back the Bud Bowl.  The best part about Prince playing was as they came back from the commercial break right before he played, “We Will Rock You” was playing either on the TV or in the stadium.  I said, “Uh-oh, somebody screwed up and booked Queen instead of Prince.  Honest mistake, but come on….this is the Super Bowl.”  I’m fine with bragging about that because nobody but me laughed.  All I got in response was, “Too bad Brian May (or whatever Queen’s singer’s name is) isn’t alive, so Queen could be playing.”  Whatever.

Which brings me to one of my struggles of watching this year’s Super Bowl.  See, I am brotherless for the first time since early April of 1986, leaving me without my usual Super Bowl watching crew of me and a little brother or two.  A few of my friends needed a place to watch the game, and my mom was more than happy to have them over.  She was a babe, and made more than enough treats for us.  Anyway, here was the problem: during the Super Bowl, I am used to thinking most of the same things (commercials, awkward halftime moments, idiotic things that Phil Simms/John Madden say and whatnot) are as funny as the people I watch it with do.  It adds to the run.  The friends I watched it with not only laughed at different things than I did, they were total snobs about everything.  The only thing we agreed on was that the David Letterman commercial was the best, followed by the Snickers commercial where the two dudes kissed – though that one was ruined by the part where they rip their chest hair out.

Though the commercials are never has funny as people at the water cooler say, this year was particularly bad.  Good thing the game was good.

The first half was great because of the fumbles.  Fumbles are probably the most exciting thing in football, and a game where neither team could hold onto the ball was like a physical dream come true for me.  The third quater was a bore, and the fourth quater tanked because the INT that was returned for a TD eliminated any potential suspense and exciting finish.

On the matter of quarterbacks:

Rex Grossman didn’t play that bad.  Up until the 4th quarter, that is.  But before that, he did okay.  Especially considering that this is his first full season.  If the Bears would have finished 8-8 and Grossman’s season was identical to what he had with the 14-2 season, Bears fans would probably be estatic and the media would be predicting a championship.  Instead, the Bears won 14 games and Grossman is and idiot.

Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning have also suffered from the mistake of winning games.  Because both have played better teams and lost, they have been labeled as people who can’t win big games.  It is such a stupid label to put on somebody, especially while they are still playing/coaching.  At least say, “They have been able to win a big game yet.”  Performing well in big games is something that can be learned.  It isn’t an inate quality found only in certain people.  It is a facet of sports (I feel uncomfortable with using ‘facet’ sometimes; this is one of those times, but it fits).

Back to Manning.  I read and heard a lot of people questioning him winning the MVP.  Are they being real?  He played great.  Even though – as I have mentioned – I didn’t think they were as good as they were being hyped, the Bears have a good defense.  But Manning tore them apart.  Two of his biggest throws were completed even though he had someone holding onto his throwing arm while he was throwing it.  Incredible.

I’ve also heard a lot of people in the media and people I know talk about what a bad playoff season Manning had.  I don’t agree.  Sure, he threw three INTs in the game against the Chiefs, but he also completed 30 of 38 passes (so, not counting the INTs, he only threw five incompletions), more than 300 yards, and the Colts blew them out.  In the Ravens game, his numbers weren’t great at all, but I think it was one of his finest games.  He adjusted his game and took every inch he could from a strong defense.  Against the Patriots, another good defense, one that has played particularly well against Manning in the past, he made the plays when he had to, and if not for his bad start, I would have no problem considering it a ‘great’ game for him.

My apologies for all of the Peyton Manning talk in my first three posts here.  It just kills me how much crap Manning gets from the so-called experts.  What kills me more is how quick the same people are to build up QBs who really haven’t done anything like Ron Mexico, Donovan McNabb, and Carson Palmer.

I also apologize in advance for my summer full of posts about the Yankees.



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  1. Brian May was Queen’s lead guitarist, not singer. He is still alive.

    I think that you mean Freddie Mercury.

  2. “Brian May (or whatever Queen’s singer’s name is)”

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