did i watch the super bowl?

February 7, 2007 at 9:15 am | Posted in aaron d.w., football (american) | 2 Comments

yes, i did but B.F.D.  140,000,000 other people watched parts of it too.  it turns out that this super bowl was the 3rd most watched even in television history behind a 1st place M*A*S*H series finale and a 2nd place dallas cowboys super bowl win in 1996.  that’s why commercials cost so much — $2,600,000 million for 30 seconds.  because on average 95,000,000 people watch them.  i think i get why the commercials were stupid.  they couldn’t pay anybody to make them because they’d already gone over budget on booking a slot.

so why is the super bowl the most watched television event every year?  is it because it’s the two best football teams (supposedly) facing off?  is it because prince played the half-time show?   is it because cirque de soleil performed a pre-game interpretive dance of the game?  is it because american football is the biggest sport in the world?  probably not to all of those.  first of all, people tune in no matter who’s playing.  and even though most american football analysts say that football is the biggest sport in the world, it’s because they forgot about football (soccer) being the biggest sport in the world.  and i don’t think prince and cirque de soleil combined can attract those kind of numbers.  i think the super bowl is the most watched television event every year because it advertises itself as the most watched television event.  people tune in because everybody is supposed to tune in.  everybody watches the super bowl because everybody is supposed to watch the super bowl.  lots of people who don’t even like football in the slightest tune in.  the big audience for the super bowl turns it into the weirdest, most boring event.  media time-outs?  half-time shows that are like 10 hours?  pre-game shows for days in advance?  2.6 million dollar commercials?   it’s crazy.  i almost hate watching it, but i still do since it’s the “culmination” of the football season.  but it sort of ruins it for me. if they would advertise it as just being just a regular football game, 95 million people wouldn’t sit through it and i wouldn’t have to sit through 4 hours of television to see the outcome of the last game of the year.  it’s just so long.  i’m just glad it’s over so i can start getting excited about the scouting combine.  and tennis.

then i got online and everybody is complaining about all the wrong things.  and by wrong i don’t mean that they’re immoral for complaining but that i disagree with the what the problem is.  the problem isn’t that cirque de soleil was a lame pre-game show.  the problem is that they need a lame pre-game show.  and i don’t think it was lame because it’s colorful and they’re dancing and stuff.  i think it was lame because i can’t imagine anybody liking it unless their kid was performing.  but then i read about how people thought it was too “gay.”  of course that’s the complaint.  because football is “manly” (just watch the commercials) and they have to cry about cirque de soleil so that people don’t think they’re homosexuals.  i just think pre-game shows are lame.  i could still be a homosexual and think that.  and i don’t think that it was as bad a game as everybody said.  there were lots of turnovers.  so what?  turnovers are exciting.  way more exciting that methodical drives that last over half a quarter.  not that i don’t like those either.  plus, it was raining.  cut them some slack.

i thought it was a pretty decent game to watch.  i just wish that it wasn’t hyped up as being anything more than just a pretty decent game to watch if you don’t mind watching football.



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  1. The part that turned me off to cirque de soleil was that Gloria Estefan introduced them. She kept saying stuff that would get the crowd to cheer like, “Isn’t Miami a good party city?”

    I don’t know why, but it pissed me off. So, I left.

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