the sunday formarly known as the sabbath

February 7, 2007 at 3:15 am | Posted in becky, football (american) | 3 Comments

i didn’t see too much of the super bowl. mostly because i don’t have t.v. secondly, because i couldn’t be bothered to socialize with complete strangers at a super bowl “party” for more than one quarter. i got there just in time to see the princes suithalf-time spectacle. prince? PRINCE! did anyone love this half-time show as much as me? probably not. first of all, prince’s suit was so rad. light blue with some sort of large paisley design? and orange underneath? someone’s stylist has sexy taste. nextly, i loved the backup dancers outfits–especially their boots.backups where can i find a pair of those? I also loved (and pointed out) that they were wearing huge heels and still the same height as Prince, who is probably legally a “little person”. but then i noticed Prince, too, was wearing heels and it all made sense. what was up with prince doing two covers? that was weird. but i did love that he sang purple rain. its had special meaning for me ever since a certain night of karaoke on my cruise. anyway, all that being said, i haven’t yet covered the awesomeness of Prince giving his guitar an HJ.hj did you think it was cool when U2 put up a big sheet and started listing all of the victims of 9-11? so did a lot of people until they saw the giant Prince Symbol-shaped guitar being serviced. that made my day. especially because Prince isn’t an idiot and had to know what that looked like beforehand. or maybe he is an idiot. either way, i was entertained.

moving on…i saw maybe 6 commercials total. most of them were lame. i liked the budweiser ax/chainsaw commercial (that was budweiser, right?). i saw the kevin federline one, but i started throwing up and missed the punchline. i think i saw some more, but i couldn’t concentrate because there was a huge idiot in the room. my favorite super-bowl commercials of the past? i don’t really remember. i liked the toyota commercials about how their cars look fast (was that toyota?). those were great. i’m sure there were a lot of good beer commercials. beer commercials are pretty good usually. except for the gorillas one this year. the one commercial that never gets old for me is the terry tate office linebacker commercial. you can see that here.

i decided to watch the 3rd quarter. i have to say, it was actually a good quarter. i was cheering for the colts because i didn’t care about either team and my brother loves the colts. by “cheering” i mean thinking to myself “i hope the colts win”. the 3rd quarter experience would have been perfect for me, had it not been for the previously mentioned idiot. he was so loud and annoying that i couldn’t concentrate.

this is what the hosts had provided as food at their party: like 15 bags of chips and a bowl of old halloween candy. oh, yeah, and some sort of fanta in a can type beverage. and these guys were rich–you should have seen their place. i mean, COME ON! splurge on some little smokies and some heinekin lights!



  1. annoying guy
  2. lame commercials
  3. not watching the 4th quarter
  4. fanta


  1. prince’s suit
  2. prince’s backup dancers (boots)
  3. the HJ
  4. the ax/chainsaw commercial
  5. leaving

food eaten

  1. none


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  1. i liked that orange/blue too. a lot.

  2. i am PRETTY sure the backup dancers were identical twins. which i thought was rad. they reminded me of thing 1 and think 2 from the cat in the hat.

  3. yes i meant thing 2. also i wanted to add i didnt get lil smokies either.

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