Barbaro vs. Mr. Ed: youth in eyes, duh

February 9, 2007 at 2:29 am | Posted in lee, misc | Leave a comment

I don’t really care that Barbaro died last week.  In a way, I was kind of glad.  I like animals and animal abuse disturbs me (I even did a stint as a vegetarian.  I don’t know how much it counts, though, because all I did was substitute meat in my diet with doughnuts.  Whatever.  I was doing it for the cause.), but I got tired of hearing about him taking turns for the worse followed by a turn for the better.  I started to wonder if I even wanted him alive, as it seemed they were just causing him months of pain by keeping  him alive.  And why were they going to so much effort and spending so much money to keep him alive?  So he could become a professional fornicator.

Horse racing is jacked.

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