is it worth the tivo space?

February 9, 2007 at 12:03 am | Posted in fespn, football (american), pillowtalk | 1 Comment

ok, i’ll follow the trend and talk about that game last sunday. I haven’t watched it (yet). I had to work that evening so i didn’t get to watch the video feed. i did have my cell phone programmed so that it would tell me the play by play breakdown of the sporting action, but missed all (most) of the hype. it appeared to be a pretty boring game from that vantage, so my question is: is it worth (re)watching with the video feed? I’ve gathered some info from the other faithful bloggers, and i am still in a quandry. I have the whole game recorded and waiting on my tivo, but it’s hogging some precious memory space. I’m running the risk of missing out on some sweet Iron Chef action, or even…. vishnu forbid… prisonbreak. it’s a possibility that I might not be able to get around to watching it until the weekend. So I seek your advice. Also a few more questions from a non viewer:

1- It was rainy right? so why wasn’t there mud? I heard that there wasn’t any mud at all. was it satan’s influence on the game? it just seems so unnatural.

2- who (if anyone) wanted to do prince? I hear that he was having a sexy fun time.

3- did the commentators even tell any remotely funny jokes during the game?

and 4- why hasn’t any of the writers commented on the “beard comb-over” commercial? it’s been all the rave on the radio here lately.

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  1. i forgot about the beard combover. I would delete the super bowl to make room for Heroes.

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