i gotta pick a charity by this weekend

February 16, 2007 at 8:08 am | Posted in aaron d.w., basketball | 3 Comments

yesterday was crazy. i started out the day by reading brian’s article (and i agree with becky that it’s the best article to date) and finished off the day watching a lot of worthless television. but the stuff i watched was nuts. first, on sportscenter they did this anniversary piece about jason mcelwain. you might remember that he was that autistic basketball team manager for a high school called greece athena in rochester, new york, who got to play for 4 minutes and hit 6 out of 10 three pointers tying a school record and inspiring autistic kids world-wide. i think they hired the makers of the testaments to edit their piece together. or else the ones who made it are big fans of the score to the testaments and decided to either rip it off or do their best (worst) impression. it had music that was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. it had camera shots of jason with the sun behind his head. it had touching scenes of his classmates hoisting him up and congratulating him (probably the first time that they even talked to him). it had letters from parents of autistic kids who like basketball. it had phrases like “reach for the stars” and “the sky is the limit” which, if you think about it, are somewhat contradictory. it was sweet, to say the least. watch the original game footage from a year ago right here. or you can watch the espn piece called j mac – a hoop dream, heralded by the person on who uploaded it onto youtube as “the best piece on this amazing story.”

on the subject of team names, i gotta say that greece athena is a good name for a high school. even better than this one i saw in DC called school without walls high school. i knew it was called that because it said that on the wall above the entrance.

later, after i left nathan’s house (he has cable, i don’t), i was watching tv and grading homework. i was flipping around and found charles barkley on jay leno, neither of which i like even a little bit. maybe i sort of like charles barkley, but jay leno is unfunnier than john madden and bill walton combined. anyways, he was talking about how he made this “wise crack” about one of the refs the other night and how the ref then challenged him to a race. they’re going to race down a basketball court and back. (i wouldn’t be surprised if barkley puts a million dollars on the race under a secret identity. but his gambling habits don’t qualify as a gambling problem because he can afford it.) sir charles was talking about how he might be a fat-ass, but that other guy is 67. to paraphrase: “i don’t believe he’s run in 20 years, even as a ref. 67? 67? he’s 67. there’s no way possible i lose to a 67-year-old. 67?! i don’t think a 50-year-old could beat me, so no way can someone beat me who’s 67. i’m not worried at all. the loser has to donate $50,000 to the winner’s favorite charity, so the only thing i gotta worry about is how i gotta pick a charity by this weekend.” i assume he means that he’s going to pick the first charity on some list that he’s never looked at before. then he told this story about how he ran down the hallway on super bowl weekend at his hotel to practice and pulled his hamstring. “i guess the only thing that made the super bowl good was i won money.”

then i watched this golf channel for like 15 minutes. they were playing this face-off from like 1940 or something. it was pretty cool, but i still flipped to other channels in between. which is how i caught david hasselhoff on the late late show with some weird guy i’ve never seen. d. hass (as i call him) is apparently in the producers and there was like a million germans who came to see him opening night. so they were talking about germany and why he’s such a big hit there. it turns out it was a total fluke. he released his “music” album in 1989 and was touring germany. there was some song about freedom on his album and he just happened to play it in east germany the week the wall came down. brian told me he saw this dirk nowitzki interview where dirk said that he learned english by listening to hasselhoff albums. we thought he was joking for sure, and now the joke finally makes sense. d. hass isn’t even german! but apparently he ended the cold war with his music.


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  1. 50,000?!?!?
    What the H? Referees make enough money to donate 50,000?
    It does seem like we’ve been getting good posts lately. Everyone is stepping it up in honor of black history month and thats awesome. And we don’t even need pictures anymore!

  2. My friend Samantha’s high school mascot was Jason and the Argonauts. So I guess the actual mascot was Jason and then they (the students) were the Argonauts. Awesome?

  3. last week on tnt-basketball-night or whatever it’s called charlie b was given the last word before going to the second game of the night: bulls v kings. mistake. he was like (and i use like to signify that i’m paraphrasing), “since what’s-his-face works for tnt (charlie b said a real name that no one has ever heard of but apparently he works for both the kings and tnt) do we have some deal where we have to play so many kings’ game a year? because no one wants to watch this many kings’ game a year. they’re boring.” everyone was just stared at charlie not because what he said was crazy, but because what he said was true.

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