What(!) a Homo(?)

February 17, 2007 at 9:08 am | Posted in basketball, whitney | 2 Comments

I guess one of us should write something on Amaechi being gay all of a sudden, and I figure that someone might as well be me. I am, admittedly, no basketball expert (though I used to know a hell of a lot about the Jazz. Is Hornasec still around?) but I think I’m probably the resident gay expert on the site since I once had a gay roommate who introduced me to all his gaywad friends and I recently went to dinner with a table of lesbians – one being a gypsy.

Okay. So he’s gay. And if we take a look at the various statistics on homosexuality, at least every other professional team has a gay teammate. Talk of “we can’t trust him if he didn’t tell us!” strikes me as the most ridiculous argument you could come up with. Never having been on a professional sports team I might not completely understand, but there are a lot of things I don’t tell my film crew about my personal life and we survive. They can still count on me for a decent wardrobe/script supervision/craft services. So and so once had a kid and he won’t pay child support despite the fact that he earns millions. Would not knowing this information affect whether or not you can pull off a terrific double play? I submit that it will not. (A revolutionary statement, I’m sure)

No, I don’t want dudes in my locker room. I don’t want people who might (implausible) be sexually attracted to me taking showers with me. Okay. I guess I understand that argument….if I didn’t see you every night giving interviews in a towel, naked people roaming two lockers away. Some of those reporters are women. Explain yourself.

And I love how Tim Hardaway got himself into trouble by being a total homophobe, as though he has a right to be so. All over talk radio they’re comparing his statements to other statesments on mortality. As though “I hate gays” is just like saying “I hate child molestors” or “I hate terrorists.” My dad made a good point about these hate mongerers being so twisted that in their minds these homos are just as bad morally as a child molestor. So maybe the right approach is a kind of education. But doesn’t it seem really obvious that being gay involves the individual consent of two adults whereas child molestation…doesn’t? Tim Hardaway is the biggest idiot since that woman manager that hated black people.

This is a pretty worn out subject and I have no new insights, but since I don’t spend much time listening to talk radio, the news is very new to me. And distressing. This Don’t Ask Don’t Tell stuff is getting fairly ridiculous when every single person that comes on the radio – be he Michael Jordan, his personal assistant, or his waterboy – is asked what they think of Amaechi as though it is any of their business. Some might argue that Amaechi is making it our business by using it as such a publicity stunt. But isn’t publicity exactly what professional sports needs on this issue when no one has come out before retirement?


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  1. hate mongerers are so gay

  2. this article, while still showing tim h to be a homophobe, shows how he was probably set up by espn to create an even larger controversy in the hope of selling more books: http://dwil.wordpress.com/2007/02/19/dan-lebastard-does-tim-the-hard-a-way/

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