maybe she can host it next year

February 28, 2007 at 2:54 am | Posted in aaron d.w., basketball, brian | 1 Comment

if you asked me 2 weeks ago (or any other time in the last 5 years) what i’d rather watch between the nba’s all-star game and the oscars, i wouldn’t have even hesitated in picking the all-star game. that was before i knew that kobe bryant can ruin an all-star game even more than ellen degeneres can save the oscars. it was obvious from the start of the game that kobe just wanted to win the mvp award. every time he got the ball he just isolated and shot. which is what i do when we play video game basketball against brian. so maybe i shouldn’t be so harsh. but i do lose a lot in our seasons. i can be pretty good, but i lose all the time because i just try to do kobe imitations with keyon dooling. i think dooling is the biggest secret in nba live. in 2005 tj ford was, but dooling has been sweet for like 3 straight years. back to kobe–what a ball-hog. it’s funny because this season they’re talking about how kobe’s really taking his game to “another level.” he’s supposedly buying into phil jackson’s system and trusting his teammates. his scoring is down and his team’s wins are up. and this is supposed to be when everyone says how much like michael jordan he is. i think the biggest thing kobe and jordan have in common is that they have and had teammates (lamar odom and scottie pippen) that are better than they are. so this year is supposed to be kobe’s breakout year where he realizes that it takes team play to win games. and then he has his most selfish all-star outing to date. i hope so bad that they miss the playoffs.

did you hear scottie pippen is maybe coming back? he’s no morten andersen but he’s pretty old. and pretty cool. i hope he signs with the jazz.

seriously though, ellen was so funny on sunday. i thought her opening monologue was great. i’ve decided that i like her style a lot and for the first time in my life i didn’t think it was a waste of time to watch the oscars. i wish she was the host of everything. especially the nba all-star game. she could’ve made so many great jokes.

but what if i didn’t even watch the nba all-star game? i did watch the celebrity all-star game. that was a joke. i think half of the celebrities participtaing had never even touched a basketball in their lives’. was the all-star game that bad?

aaron’s right about keyon dooling and tj ford. i remember the day i discovered that tj ford was the best basketball player in nba live 2005. aaron and i played a playoff series between the bucks and the magic. aaron would go t-mac crazy having lazy-eye score from anywhere on the court even when he was triple-teamed. to prove that i was a better nba live player i tried a similar strategy with tj ford. since tj ford can’t make a jump shot to save his life in nba live, i just took it to the hole every series and adjusted-shot my way to victory. ford averaged over 45 points and 7 assists a game. probably the best individual performance in a playoff series in history.

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  1. i just played aaron in nba live 2005 and won by 40. salim stoudamire lead the way with 62 points.

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