Death of the Favorite Team

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This is a pretty good string of football game posts.  I also watched the game, and I barely cared about it.  Okay, I actually enjoyed the game, despite that weird pixie rite at halftime.  But I really didn’t care who won.  You probably didn’t either, but this was a bit strange to me because… I’ve been a Bears “fan” since I was like 8 years old.  I had a shiny Bears jacket that I wore to bed until I was 10.  I have pictures of my brother and I on the first day of school wearing the jackets.  I don’t think I ever actually watched a football game, but I loved the Bears.  So, when fantasy football forced me to start watching the nfl again, I reclaimed the Bears as my favorite team.   I’d tell people they were my favorite, I’d watch em when I could, and I tried to really care.  The game on Sunday forced me to acknowledge that I don’t have a favorite team.  I like watching football games, but I rarely give a damn who wins.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I like certain characters within the game, and these characters dictate which teams I care about.  I like Ladainian Tomlinson, so I like the Chargers.  I liked them more with Drew Brees, and more before they were the best team in the league.

I also like teams that are fun to watch.  The Phoenix Suns, for instance, are the most interesting sports team on the planet, because they’re playing such a unique game.  So, they’re my favorite team.  They won’t play that way forever, and they won’t have the same players next year, so they won’t be my favorite for long.  I’m a fickle fan, I guess, but I don’t really get having a long term favorite TEAM.

Are other FESPNers like me?  Do you genuinely care about one team more than any other?  Do you feel sad when that team loses?  I watch the Utah Jazz pretty much all season long, and I get emotionally involved in their games, so I understand rooting for a home team.  But rooting for a home team just isn’t as random.   If you do have a favorite team, and you plan on sticking with ’em, why?  I’m not calling you on or anything, I’m just genuinely curious.

did i watch the super bowl?

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yes, i did but B.F.D.  140,000,000 other people watched parts of it too.  it turns out that this super bowl was the 3rd most watched even in television history behind a 1st place M*A*S*H series finale and a 2nd place dallas cowboys super bowl win in 1996.  that’s why commercials cost so much — $2,600,000 million for 30 seconds.  because on average 95,000,000 people watch them.  i think i get why the commercials were stupid.  they couldn’t pay anybody to make them because they’d already gone over budget on booking a slot.

so why is the super bowl the most watched television event every year?  is it because it’s the two best football teams (supposedly) facing off?  is it because prince played the half-time show?   is it because cirque de soleil performed a pre-game interpretive dance of the game?  is it because american football is the biggest sport in the world?  probably not to all of those.  first of all, people tune in no matter who’s playing.  and even though most american football analysts say that football is the biggest sport in the world, it’s because they forgot about football (soccer) being the biggest sport in the world.  and i don’t think prince and cirque de soleil combined can attract those kind of numbers.  i think the super bowl is the most watched television event every year because it advertises itself as the most watched television event.  people tune in because everybody is supposed to tune in.  everybody watches the super bowl because everybody is supposed to watch the super bowl.  lots of people who don’t even like football in the slightest tune in.  the big audience for the super bowl turns it into the weirdest, most boring event.  media time-outs?  half-time shows that are like 10 hours?  pre-game shows for days in advance?  2.6 million dollar commercials?   it’s crazy.  i almost hate watching it, but i still do since it’s the “culmination” of the football season.  but it sort of ruins it for me. if they would advertise it as just being just a regular football game, 95 million people wouldn’t sit through it and i wouldn’t have to sit through 4 hours of television to see the outcome of the last game of the year.  it’s just so long.  i’m just glad it’s over so i can start getting excited about the scouting combine.  and tennis.

then i got online and everybody is complaining about all the wrong things.  and by wrong i don’t mean that they’re immoral for complaining but that i disagree with the what the problem is.  the problem isn’t that cirque de soleil was a lame pre-game show.  the problem is that they need a lame pre-game show.  and i don’t think it was lame because it’s colorful and they’re dancing and stuff.  i think it was lame because i can’t imagine anybody liking it unless their kid was performing.  but then i read about how people thought it was too “gay.”  of course that’s the complaint.  because football is “manly” (just watch the commercials) and they have to cry about cirque de soleil so that people don’t think they’re homosexuals.  i just think pre-game shows are lame.  i could still be a homosexual and think that.  and i don’t think that it was as bad a game as everybody said.  there were lots of turnovers.  so what?  turnovers are exciting.  way more exciting that methodical drives that last over half a quarter.  not that i don’t like those either.  plus, it was raining.  cut them some slack.

i thought it was a pretty decent game to watch.  i just wish that it wasn’t hyped up as being anything more than just a pretty decent game to watch if you don’t mind watching football.

I can’t wait until the year when there is only one roman numeral digit

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Prince?  Prince?!  PRINCE?!  W T F?!

What, was U2 busy?  Okay, U2 is a bad example because their songs are played during commercial break intros and outros for every single sporting event.  For some reason, and I am willing to bet cash money that that reason was that they were from Europe where soccer is huge, every single montage and commercial break of this year’s World Cup had a U2 song playing.  It’s as if somehow hearing a song by a band from a country that “understands” soccer is supposed to enhance one’s soccer viewing.  From now on, I am going to walk around life saying to people, “I’ve heard U2.  I get soccer.  Out of my way.”

I digress, and I did so because I couldn’t think of anything else to say about Prince playing halftime of the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl halftime entertainment seems to have run dry, and maybe it is time to bring back the Bud Bowl.  The best part about Prince playing was as they came back from the commercial break right before he played, “We Will Rock You” was playing either on the TV or in the stadium.  I said, “Uh-oh, somebody screwed up and booked Queen instead of Prince.  Honest mistake, but come on….this is the Super Bowl.”  I’m fine with bragging about that because nobody but me laughed.  All I got in response was, “Too bad Brian May (or whatever Queen’s singer’s name is) isn’t alive, so Queen could be playing.”  Whatever.

Which brings me to one of my struggles of watching this year’s Super Bowl.  See, I am brotherless for the first time since early April of 1986, leaving me without my usual Super Bowl watching crew of me and a little brother or two.  A few of my friends needed a place to watch the game, and my mom was more than happy to have them over.  She was a babe, and made more than enough treats for us.  Anyway, here was the problem: during the Super Bowl, I am used to thinking most of the same things (commercials, awkward halftime moments, idiotic things that Phil Simms/John Madden say and whatnot) are as funny as the people I watch it with do.  It adds to the run.  The friends I watched it with not only laughed at different things than I did, they were total snobs about everything.  The only thing we agreed on was that the David Letterman commercial was the best, followed by the Snickers commercial where the two dudes kissed – though that one was ruined by the part where they rip their chest hair out.

Though the commercials are never has funny as people at the water cooler say, this year was particularly bad.  Good thing the game was good.

The first half was great because of the fumbles.  Fumbles are probably the most exciting thing in football, and a game where neither team could hold onto the ball was like a physical dream come true for me.  The third quater was a bore, and the fourth quater tanked because the INT that was returned for a TD eliminated any potential suspense and exciting finish.

On the matter of quarterbacks:

Rex Grossman didn’t play that bad.  Up until the 4th quarter, that is.  But before that, he did okay.  Especially considering that this is his first full season.  If the Bears would have finished 8-8 and Grossman’s season was identical to what he had with the 14-2 season, Bears fans would probably be estatic and the media would be predicting a championship.  Instead, the Bears won 14 games and Grossman is and idiot.

Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning have also suffered from the mistake of winning games.  Because both have played better teams and lost, they have been labeled as people who can’t win big games.  It is such a stupid label to put on somebody, especially while they are still playing/coaching.  At least say, “They have been able to win a big game yet.”  Performing well in big games is something that can be learned.  It isn’t an inate quality found only in certain people.  It is a facet of sports (I feel uncomfortable with using ‘facet’ sometimes; this is one of those times, but it fits).

Back to Manning.  I read and heard a lot of people questioning him winning the MVP.  Are they being real?  He played great.  Even though – as I have mentioned – I didn’t think they were as good as they were being hyped, the Bears have a good defense.  But Manning tore them apart.  Two of his biggest throws were completed even though he had someone holding onto his throwing arm while he was throwing it.  Incredible.

I’ve also heard a lot of people in the media and people I know talk about what a bad playoff season Manning had.  I don’t agree.  Sure, he threw three INTs in the game against the Chiefs, but he also completed 30 of 38 passes (so, not counting the INTs, he only threw five incompletions), more than 300 yards, and the Colts blew them out.  In the Ravens game, his numbers weren’t great at all, but I think it was one of his finest games.  He adjusted his game and took every inch he could from a strong defense.  Against the Patriots, another good defense, one that has played particularly well against Manning in the past, he made the plays when he had to, and if not for his bad start, I would have no problem considering it a ‘great’ game for him.

My apologies for all of the Peyton Manning talk in my first three posts here.  It just kills me how much crap Manning gets from the so-called experts.  What kills me more is how quick the same people are to build up QBs who really haven’t done anything like Ron Mexico, Donovan McNabb, and Carson Palmer.

I also apologize in advance for my summer full of posts about the Yankees.

the sunday formarly known as the sabbath

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i didn’t see too much of the super bowl. mostly because i don’t have t.v. secondly, because i couldn’t be bothered to socialize with complete strangers at a super bowl “party” for more than one quarter. i got there just in time to see the princes suithalf-time spectacle. prince? PRINCE! did anyone love this half-time show as much as me? probably not. first of all, prince’s suit was so rad. light blue with some sort of large paisley design? and orange underneath? someone’s stylist has sexy taste. nextly, i loved the backup dancers outfits–especially their boots.backups where can i find a pair of those? I also loved (and pointed out) that they were wearing huge heels and still the same height as Prince, who is probably legally a “little person”. but then i noticed Prince, too, was wearing heels and it all made sense. what was up with prince doing two covers? that was weird. but i did love that he sang purple rain. its had special meaning for me ever since a certain night of karaoke on my cruise. anyway, all that being said, i haven’t yet covered the awesomeness of Prince giving his guitar an HJ.hj did you think it was cool when U2 put up a big sheet and started listing all of the victims of 9-11? so did a lot of people until they saw the giant Prince Symbol-shaped guitar being serviced. that made my day. especially because Prince isn’t an idiot and had to know what that looked like beforehand. or maybe he is an idiot. either way, i was entertained.

moving on…i saw maybe 6 commercials total. most of them were lame. i liked the budweiser ax/chainsaw commercial (that was budweiser, right?). i saw the kevin federline one, but i started throwing up and missed the punchline. i think i saw some more, but i couldn’t concentrate because there was a huge idiot in the room. my favorite super-bowl commercials of the past? i don’t really remember. i liked the toyota commercials about how their cars look fast (was that toyota?). those were great. i’m sure there were a lot of good beer commercials. beer commercials are pretty good usually. except for the gorillas one this year. the one commercial that never gets old for me is the terry tate office linebacker commercial. you can see that here.

i decided to watch the 3rd quarter. i have to say, it was actually a good quarter. i was cheering for the colts because i didn’t care about either team and my brother loves the colts. by “cheering” i mean thinking to myself “i hope the colts win”. the 3rd quarter experience would have been perfect for me, had it not been for the previously mentioned idiot. he was so loud and annoying that i couldn’t concentrate.

this is what the hosts had provided as food at their party: like 15 bags of chips and a bowl of old halloween candy. oh, yeah, and some sort of fanta in a can type beverage. and these guys were rich–you should have seen their place. i mean, COME ON! splurge on some little smokies and some heinekin lights!



  1. annoying guy
  2. lame commercials
  3. not watching the 4th quarter
  4. fanta


  1. prince’s suit
  2. prince’s backup dancers (boots)
  3. the HJ
  4. the ax/chainsaw commercial
  5. leaving

food eaten

  1. none

My Super Sunday

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So, I spent Super Bowl Sunday in a bar which is something I swore I’d never do again. The last time I did was Super Bowl XXXVIII (that’s 38, I think) when the Patriots beat the Panthers. It was a party put on by some friends in a dive bar. There were so many people that it was impossible to see the game, and most of those people were chain-smoking. It got so bad that I had to go outside at halftime for some fresh air and a cigarette. That’s bad. Consequently, I missed the infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and vowed never to spend the Super Bowl in a bar again. So, when my brother asked if I wanted to go to Port ‘o Call (a place I’ve sworn off) with him and his friends, I had no problem telling him to cram it. But, then he made his friends change venues to suit my distastes and I had to comply.

Lumpy’s (where we ended up) isn’t a bad place to watch sports. If you get there early enough you can get a table in the basement with your own plasma big screen and access to pool and foosball tables. Those come in handy when you’re trying to kill the two hours before kickoff. Have you ever tuned in to the game that early? They start so early that they have to fill up space with the most pointless shit. There was a half hour story about how Hines Ward winning MVP in last year’s game was the best thing to ever happen to Korea. I’m not kidding. They did, however, show the best thing I’ve ever seen in a pre-game show: young Peyton tango dancing!

Man, l’il Peyton has some moves. I wish I could bring myself to cheer for him. He seems pretty cool.

The bar hired these pretty girls to dress up in Colts and Bears jersey–tailored to show max skin–and go around handing out plastic, beaded necklaces and beer cozies. That’s not so weird, right? But these girls only had enough crap to give to make a couple laps around the bar. I guess they were paid for the full four hours, so they spent the rest of the game going from table to table, trying to make conversation about the game. It was weird and uncomfortable to everyone that wasn’t drunk and/or a pervert. Here’s the transcript of a conversation I had with one in a Colts jersey (made entirely without eye contact):

Her: Hey. Who ya cheering for?

Me: Bears.

Her: Oh, c’mon! Go Colts!

Me: …

Her: What’d you think of the opening kickoff?

Me: That guy’s pretty fast.

Her: Yeah.

Then, after several seconds of awkward silence, she backed away from the table and left to be manhandled by the frat boys at the adjacent table. I don’t really understand why someone would volunteer for that job. I can’t imagine they were being paid much over minimum wage to walk around a stinky bar in skimpy outfits to have lewd comments hurled at them (i.e., “Let’s play football; I’ll be Manning and you be Saturday [the Colts’ center]. Heh, heh.”). And, to my knowledge, they weren’t being tipped for their sparkling conversation.

The waitresses, on the other hand, I totally get. They were cleaning up. We had a party of about twelve and were going through beer and food like it was…the Super Bowl, or something. Our waitress was particularly savvy. She found out who was cheering for whom and whenever either team had a good play, she’d saunter up behind the fans and say, “Great play! How ’bout some shots?” It worked every time. By my estimation, that little trick increased our bill by $200.

In anticipation of a dull game, some of the guys I was with decided to spice it up by taking pre-game bets on everything from the coin toss to the final score. The bet that everyone was most excited about was with which song Prince would open the halftime show. I didn’t get in on this bet because all the songs I knew–Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret, Kiss–were taken and the only other song I could think of was Sexy M.F., which I was pretty certain he wouldn’t play. He ended up opening with Let’s Go Crazy which nobody guessed (duh!). We decided to push the bet until he played a song on our list. The next two were covers (Proud Mary and All Along the Watchtower) and who could’ve guessed that? So the winning song was the last: Purple Rain. And the winner of the bet was Stephanie, our waitress.

super bo(ring)wl

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i’m highly intuitive and psychic, according to this lady that i checked books out to when i worked at the library and this other guy that read tarot cards at the library’s harry potter 6 release party. but i can’t just turn it on and off whenever i want. so usually when i do predictions of games, they’re just me guessing. i usually can’t tap into the psychic energy surrounding sporting events to choose a winner. today is the exception.

yesterday i played the super bowl on playstation against my friend nathan. i was going to (jokingly) take the winner of that game and use it for my prediction. it was a good game. i was the colts. i scored an early touchdown on a corner route by marvin harrison. then i turned it over and couldn’t get anything going. so i got down 28-7 to start the 4th quarter. but that’s when peyton manning works his magic, right? so i drove down and scored on a touchdown pass to dallas clark. there was plenty of time left and i got a stop. but then i threw an interception and the bears got the ball back with 1:30 left. i got stops and called time outs. then i threw a bomb on 1st down for a touchdown to pull it to 28-21 with 0:16 remaining. i kicked the onside kick and the bears recovered and ran out the clock.

then last night i had my first dream about a professional football game. which is wierd, because i wasn’t even thinking about the game that much. but in my dream, the bears wasted the colts and the score was like 45-20. it’s no coincidence. i think it’s my intuitiveness at work. so i’ll average it out.

i predict forsee that the bears will win, 37-21.

A Super Bowl of What?

February 5, 2007 at 12:25 am | Posted in football (american), sherpa | 1 Comment

I wish I could say I’m excited for the superbowl, but really I’m just glad its one more day until April 1st and baseball season. After getting away with not watching the Superbowl for a couple of years straight, this year I’ll be watching the game, as we’re having Fat camp reunion and I was assigned to bringing cupcakes. Yup, cupcake duty for a fat camp reunion. A group of us had Thanksgiving together out in rural Pennsylvania, we nicknamed it “fat camp” and we’re meeting up again to eat our way through another football holiday.

My score prediction:

24-21 Colts

Don’t worry aaron dw, Peyton Manning is only my number two

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I wrote a semi-outline of my summary of the conference championship games, but I lost it.  I haven’t had time to come write another blog, anway.  But, I think my Super Bowl prediction is vital to this blog and since I am sitting in front of a computer at work pretending to pay attention to this new high-tech training system they came up with, I figured there is no better time than now to give the aforementioned prediction.  This is what they get for leaving me unsupervised.

Before I predict, I feel that I should say that I blame the Saints losing on those of this blog who didn’t respect Hurrican Katrina.

 The Colts will win, and I don’t really like the Bears, but I don’t get why the Colts are such a big favorite and hardly anybody is picking the Bears.  The Bears defense is overrated, but they can still make plays and will provide some trouble for Peyton Manning.  It will be close, kind of like the Colts/Ravens game three weeks ago, only not quite that close and low-scoring.

The winner: Indianapolis

The score: 23-14

Wrestling Tragedy

February 1, 2007 at 2:45 am | Posted in misc, whitney | 4 Comments

So my sister used to be an athletic trainer for the high school wrestling team. Let’s list some problems with wrestling that are informed by her experience: ring worm, scabies, lice, athlete’s foot, crabs, and – most recently – this:

Wrestling on hold as herpes outbreak widens:
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Minnesota high school wrestling programs were suspended Tuesday because of a widespread herpes outbreak.

Nice. Real nice.

I don’t really get wrestling. The idea of it makes sense because we’ve all had fun pinning our little brothers to the floor and letting long strings of spit get really close to their eyes before sucking it back up. But, the rules and the traditions associated with real wrestling are very strange to me. So in an effort to educate myself (I am, after all, a scholar in the making) here are some facts:
-Wrestling might be the oldest sport ever. It even appears in the Bible when Jacob wrestles an angel (I’m not familiar with this story. Who won? I’m assuming the angel? Was it an angel of The Devil? The Bible is so crazy.)
-It’s often considered a martial art since it can be used in military training.
-At some point, people did it naked. Now they do it with stretchy, little, suspender outfits.
-Tobey on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” almost died because wrestlers are often obsessed with losing weight to compete against smaller boys in suspender outfits. So….they go running with garbage bags as shirts, take laxatives, barf, etc.
-My brother thinks this suspender outfit is so comfortable that he once wore it for a week straight under his clothes before my mom found out and made him take it off.
-It’s called a “singlet.”
-Wrestlers should wear these instead:
That way they can reduce their chances of getting herpes for sure.

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