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i served an lds mission in tempe arizona like 8 years ago. i think most of the people associated with this blog have a general idea of what an lds mission entails. if you wandered in to this post by accident and have no idea what i’m talking about, let me just say that missions are totally weird. when you’re a missionary in arizona, mormons invite you over to dinner nearly every night. don’t believe me? just read this:

“Church members have often invited locally-assigned missionaries over for dinner from time to time since the Church’s inception. While these invitations are appreciated, in some areas, invitations can be infrequent. In an effort to further defray costs for missions, in the 1990s, the Church recommended in some areas (such as those parts of the Western United States with relatively-high concentrations of church membership) that ward members should provide lunch and dinner for the local missionaries. Coordination of this effort is handled through the weekly church meetings, and is not a general policy. In some other areas, missionaries are asked to politely decline dinner invitations unless they come from less active members, investigators, recent converts or if a non-member is present.”

sometimes these dinners get at the weirdness of lds missions. late in my mission — i think i had a week or so left — my companion and i had dinner with this husband and wife. they had a couple kids but none of them lived at home. for some reason — probably because i was on a mission and therefore had a better relationship with god — i was on at dinner. i was all hilarious anecdotes and witty one-liners. the couple really took to me. the mother wanted me to marry her daughter and said at much. she was, at the time, serving an lds mission at temple square. the father wanted to set me up with someone else.  he brought out some fishing trip photos and asked if i recognized the young guy he was fishing with.  it was jake plummer.  we spent the rest of the dinner talking about how jake plummer was going to lead the cardinals to greatness.  now he’s retired.

remember when plummer flipped those bronco fans off?  that was great.  i’m gonna miss that guy.  what other player in the nfl openly criticizes nfl policy (plummer was pissed the league wouldn’t let him wear a number 40 decal on his helmet in memory of his friend pat tillman), flips-off fans, wears his hair long and grows mustaches and beards?  if ricky williams get suspended again, i don’t even see a reason to watch another another nfl game.

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