we dress like students; we dress like housewives

March 13, 2007 at 10:17 am | Posted in brian | 5 Comments

does anyone but me get the name of the blog? i think aaron understands it, but i’m not sure he likes it. i’m also not sure if i like it. when aaron and i (with a little help from greg who came up fespn) were workshopping an idea for a sports-themed zine we made a list of possible names. i threw away the list (on accident) but i think lazy eye and shark attack were possible names. i liked this [person] knows what i’m talking about because it non-specific, barely sports-related and hinted at a kind of private language for a different kind of sports fan (which could possibly include non-sports fans). but i don’t know any more.

so, any ideas?

it probably doesn’t matter.


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  1. I’ve always liked the name…to be honest, I sort of liked “guy” better, just because I like using “guy” as non-gender specific. As in “ellos,” you know. It sounds more natural, but maybe it’s funnier when it’s unnatural.

  2. i was worried about any possible unintentional (or possibly unconsciously intentional) sexist overtones in the original name. aaron and i discussed it and figured the content of would hopefully diminish any sexism found in the name. when we changed it i thought it would be funny to be overly-sensitive, but i think i’m getting nostalgic for the old name.

    but i like name changes. if i was in a band, i’d change my name every other record.

  3. I forgot it was called “this person knows what i’m talking about.” Does that name refer to something specific? I like that it’s a bit cryptic and obscure, but it must refer to something. Anyway, I like FESPN.

  4. This is sort of a cool coincidence: right after I posted my comment to this post this kid looked over my shoulder and said “Is that your blog” and I said “it’s a sports blog I write for” and he said “Oh. That’s an awesome name.”

    So there’s that.

  5. i kinda liked “guy” too, for the same reason as whitney

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