they used to have lion-heart; now they have the lion king

March 20, 2007 at 12:46 am | Posted in aaron d.w., basketball | 2 Comments

ask anybody — i’m the worst march madness player around. i’m also the worst at picking bowl games. i don’t know what the deal is, but i’m horrible at picking winners in the ncaa. i thought my luck (ability) had changed this year. especially because i had a pretty good showing in our bowl picks pool. then after duke lost in the first round i thought i was entering another stratosphere of picking (who even knows what that means?). but it turns out i still suck. i picked wisconsin to win it all. they barely won in the first round (coming back from 17 down) and they lost yesterday. i really need to re-examine the way i do my picks. i think i’m going to work on some sort of algorithm for next year. it will take into account all the important things: seeding, record, name, colors, haircuts, etc. i think the name is important. i’ll have to convert the name and the team colors into binary as well as the seeding and record. but i’m not going to give away my algorithm yet. maybe after i win millions next year i’ll let my friends and family in on the secret.

speaking of haircuts, a long time ago i wrote an article about how i pick a favorite player. there’s a part where i have pictures of players with mohawks. and guess who’s there? none other than usc player nick young. i should’ve remembered how cool that guy is. i saw him beat oregon state earlier this year and thought he was awesome. (did i just say awesome?) how could i have forgotten him? if i had to do my picks over, i’d pick usc to win a bunch of games. the other team i liked a lot from the pac-10 was oregon. they have that aaron brooks guy that is totally sweet. and bryce taylor. he’s great too. in the pac-10 final taylor went 7 for 7 from 3 point range. if i hadn’t been so set on picking wisconsin to win, i probably would’ve picked oregon to make it to the final four.

my love affair with wisconsin doesn’t make very much sense. their basketball team was sweet this year. i watched like 2 games and thought they were cool. not cool enough apparently. but why would i pick a team that i only saw twice to win the whole thing? here’s the reason: when brian and i started our first dynasty in ncaa football on the xbox i was wisconsin and brian was minnesota. we coached them for 5 seasons before we started a new dynasty. those were 5 great seasons for me. somehow i started to feel a real connection with the university of wisconsin. in fact, i applied to their math graduate program for the sole reason that i had a nice time when i coached their football team. i always find myself rooting for them and i usually pick them regardless of who their playing (unless they’re way bad). all i ever did was play some video game. that’s why i need an algorithm — so that i don’t let personal feelings influence my picks.

well, i’ll let my personal feelings influence some of my picks still. i’m pretty sure that i’ll have a “pick duke to lose” rule programmed in to this algorithm. i watched that vcu-duke game with my friend nathan. they have this guy named sheyer on their team. nathan kept calling him the shire, which just kept getting funnier. another nickname to be sad about missing is arizona’s mustafa shakur. call him mufasa and you won’t regret it.

i’ll get you my 5 bucks this weekend clif. even though i should know that i’m throwing my money away on these ncaa pools. next year will be different though — i’ll probably lose by even more.


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  1. i already paid clif for you.

  2. That’s right. No going back now. Brian and I were talking about how great it is to have brothers in what I call the “nerd” sciences. Chad filled out a bracket using a computer program he made that uses seeding as weights to (semi-)randomly pick winners. I’m not sure if he used any other variables, but last I heard, that bracket was doing better than any other bracket I’ve seen. I think math and computers are the future of sports betting.

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