April 4, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in aaron d.w., fespn | 2 Comments

i was watching some of the college basketball tournament and somebody (i don’t know names) blocked some shot and the announcer was like, “he’s only 6’6″ but he has a 6’8″ wingspan.” so i was like, “i wonder if i think and act like a primate because i might have the wingspan of a primate?” three weeks later i was at dusty’s house measuring everybody’s wingspans and that was that. here are the results:


dusty says i drag my knuckles, but at least i can reach my computer keyboard.



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  1. You alphabetized them…

  2. tommie smith or whatever his name is just talked about how this guy on roma has such a long wingspan and how it makes him a better soccer player. so there’s hope for you. here’s how you utilize your wingspan: keep defenders away with your hands and arms when you control the ball. that’s what the roma guy does. he kind of looks like that bernal kid except with a worse haircut. and man u just scored there second goal in the first twenty minutes

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