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April 13, 2007 at 4:16 am | Posted in basketball, brian, fespn | Leave a comment

dear skip bayless,

i watched you on cold pizza today.  you probably thought you were being witty and clever when stated your amazement at allen iverson’s play during the denver nuggets winning streak.  i think you were like, “i’m truly amazed that allen iverson is actually deferring.  deferring.”  that might not be totally accurate but that’s ok since i’m only holding myself to the analytic standard you seem to hold for yourself.  i am pretty sure that you repeated deferring twice.  that makes sense.  it’s a underused word and you want people to know that you know how to use it.

here’s my question: which of your jokes did you laugh harder at when you came up with them?  your iverson actually deferring joke or your me, myself and iverson nickname joke?

love, brian form this person knows what i’m talking about


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