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April 23, 2007 at 10:05 pm | Posted in basketball, brian | 4 Comments

remember how aaron made fun of matt barnes’ mustache in his last post?  well, matt barnes pulled a fast one on aaron by getting the best haircut in the nba playoffs.

iverson, too, pulled out all the stops with his playoff hair.

and, as long as these two stay bff, the nuggets are going to eliminate the spurs.


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  1. What a great start to the playoffs. All the guys I’m rooting for came out crazy. Cept the jazz who seem to be suffering a serious breakdown. And come one East apologists, tell me those games held even close to the interest the West did.

  2. it’s true. i regretted my comments the second i saw matt barnes. i’ve totally changed my mind. he’s one of the coolest players on one of the coolest teams. plus, baron davis’ beard? pretty cool.

  3. i just saw some highlights from that warriors game. when barnes hits that three in the corner after harris gets flattened by j-rich, barnes turns and looks directly at mark cuban and shows him three fingers (representative of the number of points he scored with that shot). pretty cool.

    not as cool as iverson sending out birthday wishes to his uncle steve in the post-game interview.

    and dust, usually the first round is where the east shines. you get to finally watch a couple teams they never show on tv and see if your imagined favorite players (mine is tj ford) are really as good as you hoped. plus the western first round is usually a drag since the top three or four teams are so much better than there opponents. but not this year. and if both denver and golden state pull off upsets, this will be the best playoffs ever.

  4. agreed. i’m loving nuggets and warriors. two best looking teams in the league.

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