i can do all things through [gatorade] which strengthens me

April 25, 2007 at 2:17 am | Posted in brian, football (american) | 3 Comments

clif’s recent post got me thinking about gatorade. what’s the deal with gatorade anyway? no other product that i can think of is such a part of a sporting lifestyle. nike at least has some competitors, but when it comes to sports-drinks, gatorade stands alone. not only is it the official sports-drink sponsor of the nfl, but also the nba, mlb, nascar, probably all college athletics, every marathon in the country and even the maple leaf junior golf tour. it’s everywhere. when i stop by 7-11 on my way to play tennis, what drink to i buy? gatorade.

i’m no theology expert, but gatorade commercials remind me of certain strands of christian thought. gatorade commercials accept our fallen nature. because of original sin, athletes must work by the sweat of their brow–and if you drink gatorade, your sweat is apparently colored–to achieve anything in sports: strength and endurance training, practice after practice, studying your playbook and everything else you must do to win. athletes do everything in their power to succeed, but given our fallen, sinful natures, work alone is not enough to propel us to greatness. we need something to bridge the gap between our fallen state and perfection. in christianity, it’s jesus; in sports, it’s gatorade. their “is it in you?” tagline speaks to this. gatorade is that unknown, indescribable something allows athletes to overcome their human limitations. past that, it isn’t clear, from the commercials, how gatorade accomplishes this. it’s just a given that it does. the commercials ask athletes to simply have faith in the powers of gatorade; simply believing in gatorade (which would include partaking in gatorade) makes you a better athlete.

if the nfl is the new american religion, then gatorade is our sacrament, reebok is our religious apperal and the united way is our charity (because if you’re going to be a religion you need to at least appear to care for the disadvantaged).

so let’s do it; let’s boycott gatorade.


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  1. if you subsituted “steroids” for “gatorade” in this post, it would still be true.

  2. heyhey u u gatorade does not make yu hit a homerun nor get a basket bball it jusy give you cramps
    drink PROPEL!!!

  3. propel is made by gatorade. don’t drink it.

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