beecause i’m going to the bees game

May 10, 2007 at 12:53 am | Posted in baseball, becky | 5 Comments

so the bee came into my work today and was trying to get his picture taken with me. i hid. apparently he is a fan of my blog and wanted an autographed picture of the two of us. okay that’s not even true. at all. in actuality, this saturday is my company’s annual “family day”. instead of having it at lagoon like we always do, we are going to a bees game. i really like baseball, so i’m excited about it. but back to the bee. what a lame mascot. i think he’s skipping in that photo. and he looks like he might be wearing a mini skirt. plus, he is clearly afraid of little girls. wait, all of these things might make him kind of cool as a mascot.



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  1. one time, when i won paper boy of the month for all of utah, i got to go to a buzz game (that was back when every sports team had two z’s). i got my picture taken in front of the dugout and they put it in the newspaper under the heading, “paper boy of the month, june 1994.” i also got a hat and a shirt and two signed posters which got ruined on the way home.

  2. I had a paper route for three years and I didn’t get shit (not even a full pay check when everyone dodged my knock at the door). Probably because I’m a girl.

    The Bees are heartbreaking. Everytime I start to like someone, he’s off to LA. And I hate the Angels (because my brother likes them).

  3. i might go to a bees game tonight, which would mean an amazing minor league baseball post tomorrow. but that would mean i’d miss the new office. tough decisions.

  4. i am glad i read this post and remembered i am also going to the bees game. and i get a t shirt with becky’s work logo on it. and a hot dog. now that i remembered i cant wait.

  5. Seriously though, that Bee is like, the worst mascot ever. I like to sit up in the bleachers on the third base side where it’s never very crowded, and I’m always afraid the Bee is going to come up and hassle me.

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