Little League Woes

May 12, 2007 at 10:36 am | Posted in baseball, whitney | Leave a comment

I lied. In my last post I said that the Indians were looking pretty good, but I hadn’t even seen them play yet. I just wanted a nice way to end it, I guess. Normally I could just let a little lie like that slide, but it turns out that I was so off that I feel like I have to come clean. The Indians are sucking it up big time. Today they didn’t catch a single fly ball, and most grounders got past them.

Jameson stopped on his way to first base. Not kidding: it was a grounder to the pitcher and I guess he figured he was a goner, so he just stopped. He was about to turn around and walk to the dugout when he finally noticed that the pitcher missed the grounder. He barely made it, but only because the throw to first was ridiculous.

Tre got out on two stupid attempts to steal. He likes standing in the middle of the bases and clapping his hands to get the pitcher’s attention. The short stop followed him over, and the catcher threw it to him to tag Tre out. Twice! What an idiot.

My mom gets mad at me when I yell at our own players. She points out that so-and-so’s parents are in the stands with me. Well, maybe so-and-so’s parents should take so-and-so to the batting cages, because the kid hasn’t got a chance. He ducks under outside/low balls.

And I hate our catcher. Spencer. I wish he and his frosted tips were dead and gone so Weston (my brother) could move into the infield for once. Spencer’s entire family comes to the games to eat those sugar pacifier suckers that get their faces all sticky. And one of them pooped his pants today, I know he did.

We won. But only because the Yankees sucked so bad (and they were all overweight, so even when we made errors, we could usually get the ball to first base before they could get there).


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