this never happened to pablo picasso

May 25, 2007 at 12:48 am | Posted in basketball, brian | 2 Comments

i beginning to wonder if the nba off-season is better than the nba season (meaning i started wondering about this ten minutes ago).

this year featured an early-season string of fourth quarter comebacks by the jazz, iverson getting traded to a city closer to me and getting back to the playoffs, the city/mavericks series (which is the best playoff series i’ve ever seen followed closely by last years suns/lakers and the pistons/pacers series from a couple years back when no one scored over 80 and prince recorded the best block ever right in reggie miller’s stupid face) and thomas’ back-to-back blocks followed by finishing the alley-oop in one of the bulls first round games.  by all accounts (or by all my accounts) a great season.

but the off-season; there’s just so much to love in the off-season.  i’m not bothered by seasonal depression.  since i don’t watch any nba games, i watch way more movies.  the basketball games i do watch are from the rocky mountain revue and  the rocky mountain revue is way better than the regular season because it’s this week were all my favorite players that never get any playing time go crazy.  salim stoudamire went for thirty something with six threes in one game.  but most importantly, i get to think about the upcoming season.  i get to imagine next year’s sonics living up to their uniform potential (obviously they’ve got the best jerseys in the league) and the hawks rockin the east with a team of only 6’8″ers.  i get to wonder if sprewell will get signed and if vince carter and keving garnett end up as teammates.

then the nba season starts and it’s sure to be a disappointment since it pails in comparison to my imagined nba season.


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  1. sad that it feels like the seasons over already

  2. no, dust, it’s great that the season is almost over. you should come to the rocky mountain revue with us this year.

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